• 2024-06-18 Tuesday

 On April 20th, the Chinese Association for Artificial Intelligence (CAAI) and Ant Group inked the "China Association for Artificial Intelligence-Ant Research Fund Cooperation Agreement," heralding the birth of the CAAI-Ant Research Fund.


As the foremost and most influential academic entity in China's AI landscape, CAAI has long championed research, applications, and dynamic collaborations between academia and industry in this domain. Meanwhile, Ant Group is a global leader in internet open platforms, has significantly ramped up its R&D investments in AI, steadfastly propelling AI into real-world industries and unlocking its tangible value. This partnership signifies the establishment of a robust and enduring collaboration, poised to create an integrated platform uniting academia, industry, and research. The goal is to foster vibrant academic exchanges and drive AI technology applications, thereby propelling the growth of the intelligent industry.




Chinese Association for Artificial Intelligence

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