• 2024-04-13 Saturday

In accordance with the provisions of the "Regulations on the Management of Professional Committees of the Chinese Association for Artificial Intelligence (CAAI)" and the "Methods for the Assessment and Evaluation of the performance of CAAI Professional Committees”, the CAAI Committee of Organizing convened the 2023 Annual Meeting for Professional Committee Assessment and Review on January 26th, 2024, in the form of an online conference. After careful reviews and discussion, the following 10 professional committees were selected to be the“2023 CAAI Outstanding Professional Committees”.


 Professional Committee of Machine Learning

 Professional Committee of Granular Computing and Knowledge Discovery

 Professional Committee of Intelligent Service

 Professional Committee of Intelligent Robot

 Artificial Intelligent Foundation Professional Committee

 Professional Committee of Intelligent Driving

 Professional Committee of Knowledge Engineering and Distributed Intelligence

 Professional Committee of Social Computing and Social Intelligence

Professional Committee of Machine Game

 Professional Committee of Smart Medical


Thanks for their dedication and hard work last year. Let's continue to strive for even greater achievements!


Chinese Association for Artificial Intelligence

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