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Chinese Association for Artificial Intelligence

The Chinese Association for Artificial Intelligence (CAAI) was founded in 1981. It is now the only national-level academic association in the field of intelligence science and technology, officially authorized by the Ministry of Civil Affairs in China. The CAAI is also a four-star (AAAA) social organization, affiliated to the Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications. It is an official member of the China Association for Science and Technology and entitled to recommend academicians to the two academies in China (the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Engineering).


Currently, the CAAI has 61 branches, including 52 professional committees and 9 working committees in the fields of intelligence science and technology. We are responsible for organizing academic activities or events all over China, such as academic research, domestic and international academic exchange, the popularization of science and technology, academic education, science and technology exhibitions, scholarly publishing, talent recommendation, academic evaluation, academic consultation, technology assessment and rewarding. We are devoted to the advancement of intelligence science and technology in China, providing intelligent service for supporting our nation’s economic, social and cultural development, as well as our national security.   


The CAAI has successfully organized “Global Artificial Intelligence Technology Conference”, “Chinese Conference of Artificial Intelligence”, “China Intelligence Industry Summit”, “Huawei Cup National Intelligent Design Contest for University Students”, “National Computer Game Championship for University Students”, “National Computer Game Championship for University Students”, “IEEE International Conference on Cloud Computing and Intelligence Systems”. Meanwhile, the CAAI have set up the National Innovation Alliance for Intelligent Robots. We have provided scientists and engineers with a unique platform for demonstration and communication and have also effectively promoted the development of intelligence science and technology.


The CAAI has its own academic publications, such as CAAI Transactions on Intelligent Systems (one of the Chinese core journals), CAAI Transactions on Intelligent Technology (an internal journal), Chinese Association of Artificial Intelligence Communications,Association Briefings (a special issue for young scholars), and AI Scholars (a digest collection of online articles). We also have an academic publication named International Journal of Advanced Intelligence (published in Japan). In 2015, the CAAI launched the White Book Series and volumes of books about Robots and Artificial Intelligence. In the first half of 2016, we will publish two development reports and a yearbook.

The CAAI takes full advantage of the intelligence industry and our own academic resources. We focus on organizing academic activities and important events in our industry and academic world. We also pay great attention to the industrial and talent development. We organize a variety of unique and innovative activities for popularizing science and technology among the public. Through our efforts, the public can easily and visually experience the convenience brought by the intelligence technology.


The CAAI attaches great importance to the talents development, recommending and rewarding a number of talents in the field of intelligence science and technology. Meanwhile, we have our own committee committed to discovering, training and recommending young scientists and engineers. We have set up the “Wu Wenjun Artificial Intelligence Science and Technology Award”, the “Chinese Association of Artificial Intelligence Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Award”, and the award of “Excellent CAAI Workers”for encouraging and rewarding a number of outstanding young geniuses. We have recommended a large number of outstanding scientists and engineers and published series of excellent research works.


The Chinese government has gradually decentralized its administration of academic associations, which has provided broader space for the development of social organizations. Our association has positively responded to the government’s call, made full use of its academic resources, actively expanded service areas and service range, and provided professional and consulting services for the intelligence industry and the government.

 The CAAI is facing unprecedented development opportunities. We will work harder to attract more experts, scholars and students from universities, research institutions and enterprises in the field of science and technology to further promote the development of artificial intelligence technology in China.


All colleagues in the field of science and technology are warmly welcomed to join the Chinese Association for Artificial Intelligence!

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