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On June 27, at the closing ceremony of the 24th Annual Conference of China Association for Science and Technology, China Association for Science and Technology grandly released 10 cutting-edge scientific issues that play a guiding role in scientific development, 10 engineering and technical problems that play a key role in engineering and technological innovation, and 10 industrial and technical issues that play a leading role in industrial development, which were released by You Zheng, vice chairman of China Association for Science and Technology and academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering. Among them, the "how to achieve a credible, reliable and interpretable AI technology route and scheme" recommended by CAAI has been selected in one of the ten cutting-edge scientific issues. In the event, a plaque of "excellent recommender" was also issued to 28 societies, including CAAI, which recommended the selected problems.


In 2022, the collection and release of major scientific issues, engineering technical problems and industrial technical problems focused on the ten fields of basic science of physics and chemistry, earth science, ecological environment, manufacturing technology, information technology, advanced materials, resources and energy, agricultural technology, life and health, aerospace technology, and collected 649 problems and problems submitted by 107 national associations and associations consortium, 8 leading enterprises and science and technology associations of enterprise. Tencent and other industry leaders participated in the recommendation for the first time, and more than 30000 front-line scientific and technological workers and strategic scientists participated in the recommendation and research. After the primary selection by scientific and technological workers, the pre-selection and final selection by experts in the subject field,30 major problems were finally selected.

Since 2018, the China Association for Science and Technology has organized national associations, enterprise associations for science and technology and other organizations for five consecutive years to widely contact domestic and foreign science and technology organizations and experts to collect and evaluate major scientific and technological problems and problems, which were released at the annual meeting of the China Association for Science and Technology. In the past five years, 2772 difficult problems were collected, 160 were issued, and 146 national associations and associations participated in the recommendation, which is of great significance to further stimulate the curiosity and free exploration enthusiasm of the majority of scientific and technological workers, lead the trend of scientific and technological innovation and the direction of scientific research, and serve the development of national scientific and technological innovation. The China Association for Science and Technology will also carry out publicity, promotion and follow-up research around the problems and problems released, guide the majority of scientific and technological workers to carry out original and leading scientific and technological research around the problems and problems, make greater contributions to accelerating the construction of a scientific and technological power, and welcome the victory of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China with outstanding achievements.


10 Cutting-Edge Scientific Problems

How to early diagnose asymptomatic Alzheimer's disease?


How to realize credible, reliable and interpretable AI technology routes and schemes?


How to achieve atomic scale precise preparation and structure regulation to build future information functional devices?


What are the problems and challenges facing the treatment of new pollutants?


How to realize automatic, intelligent and accurate chemical synthesis?


How to integrate multi-omics to study the complex traits of living things?


Can atomic scale-controlled removal of material surface be achieved?


How to comprehensively and accurately evaluate the toughness of urban comprehensive transportation system and infrastructure?


How do black holes in the universe form and evolve?


What are the key scientific problems restricting the extraction of uranium from seawater?


10 Engineering Technical Problems


How to break through the key technologies of deep and open sea aquaculture facilities in China?


How to realize the low-cost geological storage of a large number of coal mine wastes (solid, liquid and gas) and the coordinated development of ecological environment?


How to establish a comprehensive treatment system for cardiogenic shock?


How to realize the engineering application of all-solid lithium metal battery?


How to realize high precision complex hard surface conformal circuit?


How to break through the technical problems of safety construction and performance maintenance of ultra long deep buried tunnels in extremely complex geology on the plateau?


How to solve the problem of thermal / mechanical / chemical coupling modeling and characterization of high temperature cross media?


How to extract helium from low-grade natural gas containing helium?


How to use remote sensing technology to effectively diagnose, identify and evaluate earth health?


How to realize on orbit deployment, assembly and construction of large aperture spaceborne antennas?


10 Industrial Technology Problems


How to establish the clinical transformation therapy system of cell and gene therapy?


How to realize the engineering and industrialization of memory computing integrated chip?


How to realize low-carbon development of thermal power industry in the context of carbon neutrality?


How to systematically solve the problems of building industrialization and high energy consumption through standardized design, automatic production, robot construction and assembly construction?


How to develop self-controlled industrial design software?


How to use multi-source data to achieve accurate prediction of crop diseases and pests?


How to use non petroleum raw materials to synthesize adiponitrile efficiently and safely?


Why did wheat stalk rot break out in the main wheat producing areas in China in recent years, and how to prevent and control it scientifically and effectively?


How to develop large variable speed pumped storage units?


How to break through the localization neck technology of high-quality para aramid fiber to meet the needs of high-end applications?

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