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Dear professor,

     Welcome to CAAI! 

     Membership fees are now collected in accordance with the relevant regulations of the Ministry of Civil Affairs and Bylaws of Chinese Association of Artificial Intelligence.

     Member Services Department will approve you as a full member as soon as receiving your membership fee. Then the department will issue the receipt and grant the membership card to you.

     After successful payment, please fill in the attached ‘Receipt of member of China Association of Artificial Intelligence’ and send it to:caai_member@163.com

Best regards!


1. Details of membership fees is illustrated in the attachment.Details of membership fees is illustrated in the attachment.

2. To get the recent news of CAAI,

  Please visit the official site of CAAI: http://www.caai.cn/

  Or follow the Wechat subscription account: CAAI-1981

  Scan the QR code to subscribe


3. Please complete the membership information, especially the contact information (valid recipient address),  

P.S. A member can only choose one committee of CAAI to register(repeated registration is not allowed). If you have registered repeatedly, please reserve one account and delete the others. You can also contact Member Services Department for help.

Tel: 62283663,62281360

E-mail: caai_member@163.com

Address: Room 120 in Teaching Building 1 of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications


Notice on Memeber Fee Collection.pdf

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