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The fourth national youth AI innovation and entrepreneurship conference of the CAAI was held at Kylin Villa - Shenzhen, south China's Guangdong province,on December 20th, 2018.The conference was hosted by the CAAI, organized by its youth work committee and Harbin university of technology (Shenzhen), and was jointly held by the intelligent robot innovation alliance, Shenzhen AI industry association, Shenzhen science and technology intermediary trade association, Vinno Capital, leifeng.com, and Shenzhen Cloudancing co., LTD. Li Deyi, president of the CAAI and academician of the Chinese academy of engineering, is the chairman of the conference. Professor Wang Xuan, director of the youth work committee and dean of the school of computer science of Harbin Institute of Technology (Shenzhen) is the chairman of the conference programme committee. Ricoh software research institute (Beijing) co., ltd. is sponsoring the conference. Cheetah mobile's Orion starry sky independently developed the reception robot “leopard secretary”as the conference receptionist on the scene.

It is understood that the conference set up three categories of entrepreneurship group, innovation group, secondary school group, more than 70 teams signed up, after the expert review and pre-selection, the final 24 teams into the  final on December 20th. Subsequently, Xu Ruifeng, secretary-general of the commission of youth and professor of Harbin Institute of Technology (Shenzhen) presided over the special guest report session.


Professor Wang Xuan, chairman of the committee, delivered a speech

Professor Liang Yongsheng, director of Shenzhen science and technology innovation committee, made a wonderful report on the topic of “grasping the trend, respecting the law and enabling AI to innovate and develop”. He took the development of Shenzhen as an example, analyzed the current form of entrepreneurship, and pointed out that the current market gradually changed from the pursuit of hot spots to the appreciation of technical strength, we should have a solid technical foundation, respect for the objective law, otherwise the so-called road of innovation and entrepreneurship will be full of thorns. At the same time, he also pointed out that with the rapid development of artificial intelligence technology, there are many start-ups, which is based on artificial intelligence technology, gradually change way of life, such as the daily life of people and some of the traditional enterprise is also trying to AI, using cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology to improve productivity, and made the new development of the industry, which indicates only grasp the trend of development, we can achieve innovation and development.


Shenzhen science and technology innovation committee director Liang Yongsheng’s lecture

Ding Mingfeng, chairman of Vinno Capital, gave a keynote report entitled "AI cold thinking". He started with the investment projects of Vinno Capital in the field of artificial intelligence, introduced the current mature applications in such fields as autonomous driving, intelligent logistics, eye movement tracking and intelligent monitoring, and pointed out that artificial intelligence technology can indeed change our lives to some extent. However, Mr. Ding also made a calm analysis of the current AI application industry, and questioned when the current hot self-driving technology could be implemented in the business, especially the market of intelligent medical technology, which is worth further thinking. He suggests taking a closer look at the business application scenarios of AI technologies and focusing more on projects that address real-world applications and requirements.


Ding Mingfeng, chairman of vinno capital, presented the special prize to the entrepreneurs

Vice President of Shenzhen Ubtech technology co. LTD and executive director Dr Pang Jianxin’s report “walking into”+ “artificial intelligence era” combined with the company in the field of artificial intelligence research. This paper introduces the application of them in the face recognition, computer vision of aspects such as object detection, visual location of accumulation, and the progress on the feet control of the robot  and hand-eye coordination grabing, and with excellent video animation, it let the audience visually feel the real application in the field of artificial intelligence technology in multiple fields.


the conference venue

Professor Liu Ting, deputy director of the institute of artificial intelligence of Harbin Institute of Technology, presented a unique report on “a few insights of an entrepreneur observer”. From the perspective of a bystander, he carefully examined the entrepreneurship stories around him. Starting from his association with Lei Jun, CEO of Xiaomi, he talked about the student times of many successful internet entrepreneurs at present, and summarized that they all have the spirit of being aggressive and daring and the quality of being brave to try. Professor Liu Ting also concluded with the entrepreneurship story and analysis of his disciples, summarized the “right place, right time and right people” needed for entrepreneurship, and encouraged everyone to grasp the opportunity to make a grand plan.

Professor Gong Maoguo, deputy director of the youth working committee and director of the institute of computational intelligence of Xi 'an university of electronic science and technology, took “deep neural network basic problems and exploration” as the topic and reviewed the fields of expert system, pattern recognition and human-computer interaction from the development history of artificial intelligence. Starting from the basis of artificial intelligence technology, he explained the basic core content of deep neural network research in a simple way. Finally, combined with the theme of this conference, he pointed out that at present, artificial intelligence technology has been widely used in speech recognition, unmanned driving, machine translation and other business fields, which has promoted the progress of the society and produced huge economic benefits.

In the afternoon, the final roadshow of the national youth AI innovation and entrepreneurship conference was held in the Kylin Villa international conference hall and the cuckoo hall. After several rounds of selection, 24 projects have entered the final. The teams come from startups and universities in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Changsha, Hangzhou, Xi 'an, Harbin and other cities. After project roadshow, experts question and answer and experts voting, the Intelligent knowledge screen, dialogue interaction platform and intelligent customer service solution of Tricorn (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd, the Leyuzhurenintelligent customer service robot of Shanghai leyan technologies co., LTD and customer service auxiliary question answering system based on NLP technology special project for business group of Guangzhou Sonic Teleservices  technology co. LTD were finally elected as special prizes of start-up group. Jinan university's intelligent parking system based on visible light communication indoor positioning, and Harbin Institute of Technology's text generation technology platform won the special prize in the innovation group. The secondary school group, which was held for the first time in the conference, won the special prize for the wearable sensing bionic mechanical arm of Shenzhen senior high school, the Chinese language learning word analysis system of Beijing middle school and the intelligent fruit electronic scale of Nanhai middle school. A number of guests and judges awarded certificates to the winning teams.

At the closing ceremony, chairman Ding Mingfeng gave a speech, fully affirmed the series of the conference, and spoke highly of the works of the contestants. At this point, the fourth national youth artificial intelligence innovation and entrepreneurship conference was successfully concluded.

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