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A global AI grand meeting, a national AI innovation application pilot area, what surprises and highlights will the strong handshake burst out? 

From May 29th to 30th, the 2021 Global Artificial Intelligence Technology Conference (GAITC 2021) hosted by the Chinese Association for Artificial Intelligence(CAAI) will be held in Hangzhou. The conference has landed in Hangzhou for two consecutive sessions. The passionate collision between the top event and the digital intelligence highland will usher in a rearrangement and upgrade. Two concurrent activities will also be held including the "First Global Artificial Intelligence Technology Innovation Competition" and the "Global Artificial Intelligence Technology Expo", and in the meantime, there will be the "CAAI International Conference on Artificial Intelligence", "The 6th National College of Artificial Intelligence Dean/Department Forum" and "CAAI Academic Development and Academic Journal Construction Seminar" to create a comprehensive platform based on the "3+2+1" model, which seamlessly links the global power of artificial intelligence and presents the frontier of intelligent technology innovation in a three-dimensional manner, providing guests with a brand-new participation experience of "hearing, seeing, playing, and talking".

The 2021 Global Artificial Intelligence Technology Conference (GAITC) is to be held by China Association for Artificial Intelligence (CAAI) on May 29-30, 2021. GAITC seeks for quality and innovation. This year, it will launch the First Global AI Technology Innovation Contest and the Global AI Technology Expo. With the conference, competition and exhibition, it aims to promote the technological innovation, application innovation, research outcome commercialization, and coordination along the industrial chain in the artificial intelligence field.

In the previous events, GAITC gathered the leaders from the AI industry, academic and research institutions together. From the proactive global and industrial perspective, GAITC foresaw the development path of the new generation of AI, built a top-notch platform for experts to voice their opinions, and supported the governments and businesses in implementing their intelligent and digital upgrade strategies.

Locating in the Golden South Wing of the Yangtze River Delta, Hangzhou, as one of the origins of Chinese AI research, enjoys the advantages in platform, research, talent and industry. As the “Hangzhou Highland” pioneering the new generation of AI development is sped up in construction, its AI industry and relevant researches will be accelerated. The city will play an increasingly active role in driving up the integrated development in Yangtze River Delta and the AI innovation nationwide.

In this May, we are awaiting to your participation in the GAITC in the picturesque “digital and smart Hangzhou.”

Prosper industry with forums, witness the future of the industry

This year's conference will further enrich the content section, enhance the industry position, and expand the international influence based on the characteristics of "high specifications, strong lineup, and big vision".With the five-in-one form of comprehensive efforts, it is obliged to promote the technological innovation, application innovation, achievement transformation, and industrial chain synergy in the field of AI, and contribute to the promotion of AI technology development and industrial integration in our country and the world.

Promote applications by competitions, release the vitality of innovation

The first Global AI Innovation Contest is a “high-level, high-value, high-reward” AI iconic event. It was co-founded by the CAAI and the People’s Government of Yuhang District, Hangzhou. It was jointly undertaken by Hangzhou Future Science and Technology City Management Committee, Alibaba Cloud Computing Co.Ltd. and Tsinghua-OPPO Future Terminal Technology Research Center. This contest sets up a great bonus pool of 1.5 million yuan in order to absorb the wisdom of global technical talents to break through the critical obstacle and promote the development of forward-looking research on the next generation of AI.

Encounter business on the exhibition, find the market opportunities

Three modules will be set up in the 2021 International Artificial Intelligence Technology Expo: AI technology display, AI application scenario display and AI industry research achievements display, showing the latest AI products and technology. The Expo will provide exhibitors with independent display space. The exhibitors can show the characteristics and advantages of their products by texts and pictures, videos, interactive games, interactive experience and products display, etc. They will also get a close distance with their target customers so as to improve their brand awareness, collect market information and create more opportunities for business cooperation.

Have conversations with deans, discuss about the talent plan

The forum of Deans&Department heads of Artificial Intelligence at colleges and universities across the country aims to explore the advanced model of artificial intelligence talent training and to promote the preparation and establishment of Artificial Intelligence schools/institutes in universities around the country, thus contributing to the development of China’s higher intelligent science and technology personnel training channel.

By then, AI education experts from universities and research institutes as well as representatives from well-known enterprises in the field of AI will share and discuss topics such as subject construction, education reform, talent training, school-enterprise cooperation, and scientific research in the intelligent age.

International exchange, grasp the frontiers worldwide

"Internationalization" is one of the main properties of the GAITC. The thematic international conference held at the same time will not only present the frontiers of science and technology in the world, promote in-depth communication and cooperation between scientists at home and abroad, but also urge the effective implementation of the concept of "World Science and Technology Community". Through this conference, the association will give full play to its organizational capabilities and platform resource advantages to build bridges for international exchanges and cooperation. Internationally renowned experts will be invited to participate in the conference and exchanges online or offline, and share the theoretical research, technological breakthroughs, and application results in priority research areas with domestic scholars.

The 2021 Global Artificial Intelligence Technology Conference coincides with the 40th anniversary of the establishment of CAAI. On the one hand, the rearrangement and upgrading of the conference is an innovative move to fully lead the development of the industry, and it is also a chance to celebrate the 40th anniversary of CAAI. Through this "five-in-one" comprehensive platform, the development trend of artificial intelligence in China and the world will be perceived in an all-round way, the development context of the smart economy will be grasped, and the “communication, integration and mutual benefits”  will be realized in the digital age.

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