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From October 10th to 11th, the 3rd China Intelligent Education Conference was successfully held in Xi'an. Over a hundred scientists, educators, and entrepreneurs from home and abroad jointly discussed the development opportunities and future trends of intelligent education, bringing the participants the full picture of future education. The conference lasted for two days, and the total number of online and offline participants exceeded 7.27 million.

This conference is organized by CAAI, China Educational Technology Association, China Language Intelligence Research Center, China Vocational and Technical Education Association, co-organized by Shaanxi Provincial Department of Education and Xidian University, sponsored by Xi'an Science and Technology Bureau, CAAI Language Intelligence Special Committee and Jingshi Miaobi Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. Meanwhile, relevant government units in Shaanxi Province and Xi'an City offered strong support.


Focusing on the major industrial propositions of AI empowering education and education back-feeding technological innovation, there are 1 opening ceremony, 8 theme reports, 10 special forums, and 1 concurrent event set on the conference. Well-known experts and scholars from the industry of education, academia and business shared their ideas from the perspective of policy interpretation, theoretical discussion, and results exchanging, and passed on the pulse of the new round of educational revolution.

A gathering of academicians forms a strong lineup, creating a high-level educational event

This conference brought together 12 Chinese and foreign academicians, namely Li Deyi, Dai Qionghai, Zheng Nanning, Wushouer Slam, Wang Yaonan, Guan Xiaohong, Zhang Jianwei, Hans Uskelter, Ren Fuji, Li Ming, Sun Maosong and Li Shipeng, and more than one hundred reputed experts and scholars. The high-level guest lineup, the high-latitude wisdom collision, and the high-level educational event opened a new chapter for the innovation of teaching and learning models.

Rich topics, forward-looking views completely outline the blueprint for education reform

8 theme reports, 10 special forums, over a hundred experts took turns to share cutting-edge views for two days, involving more than 20 hot topics. With the mission of promoting the deep integration of AI and education, the conference focused on the in-depth expansion of intelligent education from colleges to primary and secondary schools, the comprehensive popularization from developed cities to backward areas, the unbounded penetration of vocational education to art education, and smart campuses to network security. Those in-depth thinking and other hot topics have completely outlined the blueprint for education reform.

Poverty alleviation and wisdom assisting, public welfare comes first in promoting balanced development of education with practical actions

To promote the balanced development of education with the strategy of smart education, to accelerate the modernization of education, and to build an educational power, it is necessary to not only lead technological development with academic breakthroughs, but also take concrete actions to help backward areas improve teaching conditions. This conference launched the “Intelligent Education Poverty and Wisdom Alleviation” charity action. CAAI united the China Language Intelligence Research Center, In Class-Liqi Education and Aijia School-Jiayin Shunda, to donate "Chinese Composition Teaching and Evaluation Intelligent System" that worth about 124.4 million yuan, to 36 counties in 7 provinces including Gansu and Guangxi. The public welfare action encourages all sectors of society to actively contribute love and promote the balanced allocation of high-quality resources for smart education.

Cross-border integration, multi-party linkage gather the strongest force of government, enterprise and school

Education has never existed in isolation, it is closely related to many other industries, and goes in the same direction with technological development. Under the wave of intelligence, focusing on the intelligent direction and goals of education reform, CIEC has fully released the platform effect. An intelligent education ecosystem that links governments, enterprises, schools and other forces has been formed, and is becoming a cross-border integration trend, continuously growing outwards.

New talks in the ancient capital, standing high and looking far, Xi'an is assisted to climb a new level of education

Xi'an, the ancient capital, not only has splendid cultural deposits, but also has abundant educational resources and outstanding achievements in intelligent education. As the highest education destination in Shaanxi, a major education province, Xi'an is comprehensively promoting the modernization of education. The holding of this conference in Xi'an reflects the academic realm of the conference's vision and innovation, and provides a high-value strategic reference for Xi'an's education reform.

Looking around at home and abroad with insights into the future, the great achievements of smart education from all countries is gathered.

This conference is not only an intelligent education conference in China, but also a feast of international academic exchanges. With Chinese experts as the main lineup, meanwhile absorbing the cutting-edge wisdom of foreign experts, the vision of CIEC covers many countries and regions, and reaches the road of education development in the next 5 years even beyond.

A century-old plan is based on education; a grand plan for education is based on intelligence. With the conclusion of the 3rd CIEC, it has become a consensus from all walks of life to fully embrace the new round of education revolution and use AI, 5G, big data, cloud services and other emerging technologies to create a powerful engine for education reform. It is believed that with the joint efforts of all walks across the country, with the mission of national development and national rejuvenation, the road of smart education development will become wider and farther.

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