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On November 15, 2020, the 10th China Intelligent Industry Summit(CIIS) ended successfully in Nanhu, Jiaxing. This year's conference brought together more than one hundred well-known scholars, technical experts, innovative entrepreneurs, and senior media professionals. The total number of online and offline participants exceeded 6.7 million. As the annual event of CAAI, CIIS 2020 is not only a review and summary of the anti-pandemic enlightenment of intelligent technology, but also a plan and layout focusing on the acceleration of the intelligent industry after the pandemic, which aims to provide AI-driven digital economy and intelligent social development with guidelines and references.

Ten years of appointment in South Lake, the deep integration of Red Boat spirit and innovation


Guided by technological change and trend insights, CIIS has gone through ten years held in ten different innovative cities. In the process of promoting the development of regional intelligent industries, it has shaped the distinctive label of "one city one year".

On the occasion of welcoming the centenary of the founding of the Communist party, AI elites gathered in Jiaxing South Lake, a scared place in revolutionary history, to feel its Red Boat spirit, and to gather innovation. Taking Jiaxing South Lake as the starting point to drive the Yangtze River Delta, the 10th CIIS 2020 has injected new momentum into the development of regional digital economy and the construction of smart ecology.

Ten academicians lead the way to carry out the current practice and future exploration

It is a smart city for exchanging insights and sparking thoughts. The summit is an academic feast in the field of AI. Ten academicians from home and abroad, including Mr. Dai Qionghai, Lu Jun, He You, Meng Qinghu and Jiang Tianzi, joined hands with experts in various fields to deconstruct the current situation of AI business practice and explore the future development path of the intelligent industry, consequently, having brought very predictable and exemplary research results.

Eight wonderful reports, seamless collaboration between theoretical exploration and industry applications

From theoretical exploration to industrial application, Academician Dai Qionghai, He You, Lu Jun and Meng Qinghu, Researcher Zhang Zhaotian,  Dr. Zhou Bin and Zhou Bowen, as well as Professor Yang Qiang presented eight high-quality theme reports.

From the new generation of AI thinking to the combined research of AI complex thinking; from the analysis of intelligent robot technology to the exploration of marine intelligent industry; from the empowerment of traditional enterprises with computing power to the development of digital industry intelligence , the theme report gave clear details on specific hotspots and difficulties answer.

Dialogue between the two pinnacles, insights into the enlightenment during the pandemic and the opportunities after it

In the post-pandemic era, how do traditional industries that have been deeply affected buck the trend? What enlightenment does the anti-pandemic technology bring to the transformation and upgrading of industries such as healthcare, education, transportation, new business, and urban management? How the government and corporate managers seize the opportunities in the era of intelligence and digitalization is a topic of greatest concern to all industries.

With the theme of "AI Helps Fighting the pandemic and Creating the Future of Intelligent Industry" and "How to Adapt to the New Ecology of Intelligent Society in the Post-pandemic Era?" , academic experts and enterprise representatives involved in science and technology anti-epidemic communication to grasp the direction of curve overtaking in the post-epidemic era, and explore industry opportunities under the new ecology of intelligent society.

Nine thematic discussions, unifying the practice of technological innovation and commercial innovation

The summit set up a total of nine thematic forums, bringing together the backbone of AI academia, business, education, and related associations and government departments, in order to promote practice and unified development through in-depth discussions

in terms of applied technology innovation and business model innovation in various fields.

The nine topics discussed covered popular technologies such as brain science, natural language understanding, computer vision, machine intelligence, and important industry applications such as smart driving, smart energy, smart equipment, smart imaging and medical big data, and smart unmanned systems, which helped to industry-university-research cooperation and the implementation of innovation-driven development strategies.

A blockbuster release, scientific development of technological creation and ecological construction

At the “CAAI Series AI Book Release Conference” held at the same time at the summit, the China AI Blue Book, which condensed the research and observation results of a group of industry experts was exhibited. The series of the AI papers such as Smart Medical Help to Fight the Covid-19, Smart Manufacturing 2020, Smart Agriculture 2020, Smart Driving 2020 and so on, were released one after another, and the experts who participated in the preparation of the white papers were on spot to interpret.

The series of white papers starting from the dimensions of national macro policies, theoretical concepts, core technologies, application models, ecological construction, and standard setting, provide guidance for service companies to implement intelligent strategies and build a healthy and harmonious intelligent society.

Technological innovation promotes time changes, and cooperation and joint construction achieve a win-win situation in the industry. The 10th CIIS 2020 gave a consensus: After the outbreak of the pandemic, the sci-tech revolution is an important unlocking method. Grasping the opportunity of the era of the deep integration of AI and the real economy, promoting the ecological prosperity of the smart industry will effectively revitalize the regional digital economy, and lead the industry on the track of high-quality development.


The official website of CIIS 2020: http://ciis.caai.cn/


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