• 2021-02-26 Friday

We will not relax our efforts to prevent and control the epidemic and continue to learn during this period. In this special period, CAAI actively explores the innovative mode of academic exchange, builds a bridge connecting intelligent technology knowledge around AI+academic and AI+ technologies, and offers a series of activities such as CAAI cloud classroom for its members and AI practitioners. Relying on the digital platform and supported by the Green Platform of China Association for Science and Technology, the association gathers high-quality lecturers and provides free and high-quality knowledge services through cutting-edge high-quality courses. Let's start cloud interaction and face to face with famous teachers!


No. 1

Organizational Structure

Sponsor: Chinese Association for Artificial Intelligence

Co-organizer: Green Platform (innovation resource sharing platform)

CAAI Machine Learning Professional Committee


No. 2

Lecture 13

Yu Jian

Deputy Secretary-General of CAAI, Dean of Artificial Intelligence Research Institute of Beijing Jiaotong University, Second-level Professor

He is the director of the Beijing Key Laboratory of Traffic Data Analysis and Mining, CAAI executive director, deputy director of CAAI machine learning professional committee. He has presided over many projects funded by the National Natural Science Foundation of China. His main research interests include machine learning, data mining and natural language processing. He is the author of the academic monograph Machine Learning: From Axioms to Algorithms.


No. 3

Brilliant Course

The theme of this course of Mr. Yu Jian's live course is "Assumptions of Machine Learning."

Abstract: At present, machine learning algorithms are emerging one after another with great differences. Are there common assumptions among different learning algorithms? This report will prove the existence of common assumptions. Based on common assumptions, three design principles of machine learning algorithms are derived, and many classic learning algorithms are introduced.


No. 4

Course Information


1. Live broadcast: 19:00 -- 20:30, May 29

2. Live address: Tencent Conference (click the end of the article to read the original)


Conference ID: 428 340 346

Tips: Please download Tencent Conference APP or install the program by yourself first

3. Welcome to scan the QR code to join the WeChat group.

If you cannot join that group, you can add the QR code of the live assistant. Please note "watch cloud class" when adding.


4. 19:00 -- 20:00 is the lecture time

20:00 -- 20:30 is the time for questions

For the audience, please use the " raise your hand" function of the conference room to ask questions. The assistant will help you to speak and ask questions.


No. 5

Cloud Classroom Tips

1. If you are affected by the network environment and you are stuck, please try to refresh to exit and enter again;

2. To achieve the ideal viewing effect, please try to ensure a quiet viewing environment;

3. Before watching, you can have a look at the lecture content to strengthen the interaction during watching;

4. CAAI cloud classroom will be open to the public free of charge, and will not charge you in any form, and no organization can reprint in the name of charge.

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