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Under the wave of global artificial intelligence development, the market’s investment and expectations are unprecedentedly huge, and a correct understanding of the current application of AI, development status, and distance from the market becomes one of the important tasks of enterprises in various industries. This independent report offers reference information and suggestions for all-industrial enterprises in terms of the layout and actions under the direction of AI. Meanwhile, it provides a reference for the choice of industry development direction with AI enterprises.

The discussion consists of four parts, the first part is background introduction of AI, which includes the conception, development history, the current development status of AI companies and the future technology and application trend of IA. the second part is the commercial application of AI, which will discuss the specific value that AI can bring to various industries, and evaluate the maturity of the current application conditions of each industry. The third part summarizes AI in 80 specific application scenarios in 20 industries, and a detailed introduction of typical industry application scenarios and cases. The fourth part will give suggestions on how companies can use AI to take action.

This report integrates the project experience and materials accumulated by the Chinese Society for Artificial Intelligence and Roland Berger in the field of digitalization, as well as interviews with start-up managers in the field of AI, corporate managers in various industries, and AI research and development personnel. The data source is designed to provide meaningful references and suggestions to promote the application and development of AI.



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