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The intelligenttransportation system is complex and rich in content. Classified by service areas of intelligent transportation, it includes intelligent traffic management and planning, electronic toll collection, traveler information, vehicle safety and assisted driving, emergency and safety, operation management, integrated transportation, automatic highway, etc.; by the composition of the intelligent transportation system, it includes traffic information collection and fusion, intelligent traffic monitoring and management, intelligent control of traffic signals, traffic information services, advanced vehicle systems and smart cars, etc.

Due to space limitations, this white paper only covers the concept, key technologies, the development history, current status and trends of intelligent transportation in major countries in the world. suggestions for the development of intelligent transportation, etc. If you want to know the details of the intelligent transportation system, you can refer to relevant textbooks and monographs. This white paper is a collection of domestic and foreign intelligent transportation systems in recent years based on the latest results, and combined with the practice of the intelligent transportation industry. During the writing process, the relevant materials of domestic and foreign workers engaged in the research of intelligent transportation systems are referred to, which are sincerely appreciated and valued.


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