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Selection Method of Excellent Doctoral Dissertations of CAAI

In order to promote scientific and technological progress in the field of artificial intelligence in China, encourage innovative research and promote the growth of young talents, CAAI has set up excellent doctoral dissertations. Since 2011, Excellent Doctoral Dissertations of CAAI have been selected annually.

I. Conditions for Evaluation

1. The time for selecting excellent doctoral dissertations is to obtain doctoral dissertations in intelligent science and technology and related disciplines in China within a specified time.

2. Doctoral dissertations should be recommended by schools, research institutes or CAAI professional committees. Three dissertations are recommended for each unit.

Specific conditions for evaluation can be found in the“Regulations on the Selection of Excellent Doctoral Dissertations of the Chinese Association for Artificial Intelligence”.

II. Selection Procedure

1. Recommenders should fill in the recommendation form. The CAAI office receives the recommendation of that year from the beginning of the year's selection. The acceptance deadline shall be based on the selection decision time of the current year.

2. CAAI Excellent Doctor Selection Office carries out format and qualification review.

3. Experts are organized by CAAI excellent docto Selection Office to conduct a communication review of the application materials, from which no more than 20 candidate excellent doctoral dissertations are selected.

4. Candidates for excellent papers should be publicized before final evaluation.

5. Selection experts form the final evaluation committee to evaluate the final excellent papers. The total number of excellent papers does not exceed 10, and no more than 5 papers have been nominated.

6. Publish and publicize excellent papers after the evaluation is completed.

Ⅲ. Requirements for declaration materials and submission time

1. The application materials for doctoral dissertation include:

(1) Two hard copies of the dissertation;

(2) One digital form of the dissertation;

(3) Letter of recommendation signed by the person in charge of the unit where the author responded (such as department, college, institute, etc.) and sealed by the unit. If recommended by the CAAI Professional Committee, the signature of the Director of the Professional Committee is required.

(4) Other relevant supporting materials.

2. The declaration materials must be submitted to CAAI office within the prescribed time.

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