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In order to implement a series of important decisions and arrangements of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council on promoting the integration of industry, university and research, in accordance with the general requirements of the 14th five year plan for the cause development of the China Association for science and Technology (2021-2025), the three-year action plan for  Innovation China (2021-2023) and other documents, and in accordance with the document Hanchuang letter[2022] No. 60 of Association for Science and Technology office, The CAAI will organize and carry out the application and recommendation of the first batch of "  Innovation China " of innovation bases. The relevant matters are hereby notified as follows:

1、 Declaration requirements

(1) Supporting unit

The application for innovation base shall be submitted by the supporting unit. The supporting units shall be innovative enterprises, key universities, scientific research institutes, new R & D institutions, industrial technology research institutes, innovation and entrepreneurship incubation parks and other legal entities, which shall be registered on the "  Innovation China " platform.

(2) Recommended unit

The recommendation system shall be adopted for application. CAAI can recommend 2. The same innovation base can only select one channel for recommendation.

(3) Base category

Innovation bases are divided into three categories: industry university research cooperation, innovation and entrepreneurship incubation, and international innovation cooperation. The requirements for various innovation bases are detailed in the measures for the implementation and management of the construction of " innovation China" innovation bases (Trial).

2、 Working procedure

(1) Formal review

The office of the leading group for the integration of science, technology and economy of China Association for science and technology will conduct a formal review on the application materials of the innovation base, and those that meet the conditions will be included in the scope of investigation and expert demonstration.

(2) Demonstration and investigation

We will organize experts to demonstrate the application scheme and form investigation and demonstration opinions. Some key innovation bases can be selected for field investigation as required.

(3) Research and publicity

The special committee for the integration of science, technology and economy of the Standing Committee of China Association for science and technology, the "  Innovation China " Advisory Committee and other experts will be convened to study and form a list of suggestions for innovation bases, which was publicized on the official website of China Association for science and technology for 5 working days.

(4) Publication and identification

If there is no objection during the publicity period, it shall be submitted to the leading group office for science, technology and economic integration of China Association for science and technology for review. After passing the audit, it shall be recognized.

3、 Declaration way

(1) Declaration process

1. registration: the supporting unit logs in to the 2022 "  Innovation China "of innovation base application system( https://apply.kczg.cloud/#/login ), complete the declaration form item by item, truthfully and objectively as required, and complete the online declaration after formal submission.

2. sending paper materials: after the application is approved, the Institute will notify each application unit to prepare paper materials as required and send them together with the recommended order.

(2) Deadline

The deadline for online application is 18:00 on May 27, 2022, and the deadline for delivery of paper materials is 18:00 on June 5, 2022.

4、 Contact information

Contact: Mrs. Jia

Tel: 010-82686686

Contact email: zhb@caai.cn

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