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In order to strengthen the publicity and popularization of intellectual property rights and enhance the intellectual property awareness of intelligent science and technology workers, on the occasion of World Intellectual Property Day, the 16th phase of CAAI Cloud Workshop with the theme of "intellectual property dilemma and solution path of artificial intelligence" was successfully held on April 25, attracting more than 300000 people to watch online.

This cloud workshop is hosted by CAAI, undertaken by the administrative committee of Xi'an national civil aerospace industry base, and co organized by the CAAI member service working committee. Dr. Bi Chunli, director of the policy and Legal Research Department of the intellectual property center of the Chinese Academy of information and communication, is specially invited as the keynote teacher, and Professor Chen Wenbai, deputy director of the CAAI member service working committee, is the host.

Dr. Bi Chunli pointed out that as the core driving force of the new round of industrial reform, the development of artificial intelligence will change the whole process of human civilization, and intellectual property is an important tool to promote and improve the innovation of artificial intelligence industry. In the national intellectual property protection and application plan of the 14th five year plan, it is pointed out that we should improve the intellectual property protection system of new industries in new fields such as big data, artificial intelligence and gene technology, build data intellectual property protection rules, and improve the open source intellectual property and legal system.

Dr. Bi Chunli said that in the industrial chain of artificial intelligence, intellectual property protection methods such as data, algorithms, open source technology and products have always attracted much attention, and there are also some disputes, such as the ownership of the data itself and whether it can be directly incorporated into the protection framework of intellectual property, which have become the focus of frequent disputes in practice. When applying for patent, artificial intelligence algorithm needs to combine the abstract rules of algorithm operation with specific equipment and produce technical effect to be patentable; Open source software has become a "production factor" that artificial intelligence enterprises cannot bypass, which also brings some new problems to enterprise intellectual property management; There are also many disputes about who the real right generated by artificial intelligence belongs to and whether it can be determined as a work.

At the end of the cloud class, Dr. Bi Chunli answered the doubts for netizens online. At the same time, she also called for: "the development of new technologies and new business forms has brought convenience to social life, but at the same time, we also need to promote the continuous improvement of laws and regulations related to intellectual property rights and build a benign artificial intelligence industry ecology."

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