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"Softbank Robotics Cup" 2021 International Youth Artificial Intelligence Competition has been launched

To implement the “Belt and Road” initiative and promote exchanges among outstanding young people from all countries in the fields of science, technology and humanities, under the guidance of  the Working Committee of the partnership for UN Sustainable Development Goals Action, the 2021 “Softbank Robotics Cup” International Youth Artificial Intelligence Competition, hosted by the Chinese Association for Artificial Intelligence and the Robotics Society of Japan, has been officially launched recently. The competition will promote the exchange, application and cooperation of young people in the field of robot technology, artificial intelligence technology, and broaden the international vision and innovation pattern of young people.

Organizational Institution

Guidance Institution

Working Committee of the partnership for UN Sustainable Development Goals Action


Host Institution

Chinese Association for Artificial Intelligence

Robotics Society of Japan (Tentative)


Co-organizational Institution

Softbank Robot (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.



CAAI Robot Culture and Art Committee

Jilin Association for Artificial Intelligence

Cyber Research Institute

Chengdu Normal University

Sichuan STEAM Science and Education Science Base


Contest and Related Activities

The competition will hold a series of “1 + 2” activities. “1”is the main event (domestic selection and international selection are online). After selection recommendation, the international final (including the final four and championship competition) will be held. “2” is two concurrent activities, including:

(1) the International Young Artificial Intelligence Award and the International Youth Digital Skills Award Ceremony;

(2) the International Digital Skills Conference and Summit Forum.


Note: Depending on the requirements of epidemic prevention and control to decide whether to carry out offline activities, the location will be notified separately.


Competition Projects

Competition project setting principle can combine artificial intelligence, robot technology and other new technologies with the economic and social fields, promoting AI and education, health, transportation, finance, consumer life and so on into deep integration. The competition projects mainly include the following categories:

1.Scientific research and Technology

(1) Artificial Intelligence and Robot Human Innovation Competition (with sub-competition)

(2) Pepper Intelligent Service Robot Contest (with sub-competition)

(3) Nao Intelligent Service Robot Competition (with sub-competition)


2. Application Competition

(1) Embedded AI and Edge Computing Innovation Application Contest

(2) The Four-legged Robot Dog Challenge

(3) Intelligent Network Automobile Emulation


3. Science Technology and Culture Art Competition

(1) “Smart + Culture” Creative Competition

(2) Excellent Youth Challenge Competition (with sub-competition)


Note: Please refer to the official website of the contest for the rules.

Entry Requirements and Arrangements for the Competition

1)   Entry Requirements

The team should register the competition as a unit. It allows multi-disciplinary team. Each team should be no less than 3 members and not more than 5 members, who must be the actual members of the project. The team cannot borrow other people to participate in the project. It contains a maximum of 2 instructors.

 The project must be true, healthy, legal, without any bad information. The project idea should carry forward positive energy, practice socialist core values. The entries must not infringe the intellectual property rights of others. The inventions, patented technologies and resources involved must have clear and legal intellectual property rights or property rights. Any person who plagiarizes, embezzles, provides false materials or violates the relevant laws and regulations shall be immediately deprived of the right to participate in the competition and shall bear all legal responsibilities. If the entries involve the intellectual property rights of others, a complete written authorization of the owner with legal effect, a patent certificate and so on shall be submitted at the time of registration.

2) Schedule

Preliminary round: scheduled to be held online, completed by 8 October, 2021.

Final: in Changchun, Jilin province in October, 2021 (main venue) and in Chengdu, Sichuan Province in October, 2021 (branch venue).

Note: Depending on the situation of epidemic prevention and control, the form of competition (online or offline) will be decided. If international representatives cannot reach the site for the competition, the competition items will be adjusted to be conducted online through relevant competition techniques.


Prize Setting

Gold Award (champion): the first winner of the total score in each competition;

First Prize: top 5% of the teams in each event;

Second prize: top 8% of the teams in each event;

Third prize: top 12% of the teams in each event;

Excellent Instructor Award: awarded to the instructor of the team which wins the first prize and above;

Excellent Organization Award: top 3% of all participating schools.



Contact Person for the Organizing CommitteeZhang Qiang




Contact Person for the OrganizerMa Ruixue




Contact Person for the International AffairsFuyi



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