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All branches and members:

To follow the development trend of world science and technology and make China a great power of science and technology, CAAI decides to collect major scientific issues and engineering technical problems from all branches and members. The relevant matters are hereby notified as follows:

I. Time

From now until March 5, 2021

II. Range

It covers all fields of natural science and engineering technology, focusing on basic sciences of mathematics, physics and chemistry, life and health (including medicine), earth sciences, ecological environment, manufacturing technology, information technology, advanced materials, resources and energy, agriculture and aerospace science and technology.

III. Contents

These major scientific issues and engineering technical problems are targeted at national needs and people's health.

Key focus will be given to major basic research, key and cutting-edge technologies and the cross-integration of technologies.

IV. Recommendation requirements

(I) Foreign science and technology organizations are invited to present their problems in related fields.

(II) Requirements for defining the problems and difficulties

 Problems should not be generalized; For cross-domain, cross-disciplinary and cross-integration problems, their application fields and scenarios should be mentioned.

(III) Format requirements

Each problem should include the subject, key words, and the main text of the problem (including the description of the problem, the background of the problem, the latest progress and the significance). The length of the text is about 2000 words. All content is written in Chinese except the title and key words in both Chinese and English (see Annex 1). Problems that are not written in the prescribed format will not be accepted into the selection process. 

V. Other matters

(I) Before March 5, 2021, each unit shall submit the recommendation form to CAAI Secretariat by email: office@caai.cn.

(II) CAAI will set up an evaluation committee to select and evaluate the recommended issues, and select 3-5 problems that have a guiding role in scientific development and 3-5 problems that have a key role in technological and industrial innovation and recommend them to China Association for Science and Technology.

(3) The China Association for Science and Technology will set up a special committee for major scientific and technological issues and academic groups in related fields, and select the recommendations of the societies through the preliminary selection of scientific and technological workers, the re-election of experts from the field academic group, and the final selection of the expert committee.

(4) The 20 problems selected through the final evaluation will be released to the public. The 20 questions and texts that give an introduction to their possible solutions will be collected and published respectively. A series of high-level seminars will be held around the major scientific issues and engineering technical problems in the selection, and a recommendation report will be submitted to the relevant departments for reference in decision-making.

We are looking forward to pooling the wisdom of the scientific and technological community, and making contributions to making China a scientific and technological power with the participation of all CAAI members and scientific and technological workers.

Contact: Yanna LIU  

Tel: 18910064547

Mail: office@caai.cn


Appendix 1. Format template for writing major scientific problems and engineering technical problems

Appendix 2. Recommendation table of major scientific problems and engineering technical problems


Attachment1. 重大科学问题和工程技术难题推荐表.doc

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