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In order to fully implement the innovation-driven development strategy and implement the national "New Generation Artificial Intelligence Development Plan", Wu Wenjun Artificial Intelligence Science and Technology Award has played a positive role in China's scientific and technological self-reliance and self-improvement in the past ten years. It’s encouraged to praise the scientific research institutions and scientific and technological workers who have made outstanding contributions in this field, to mobilize the enthusiasm and creativity of the vast number of intelligent science and technology leaders, and to develop the continuous emergence of original scientific achievements.

To promote the deep integration of China's intelligent science and technology with the real economy, the Chinese Association for Artificial Intelligence (CAAI) is scheduled to hold the 10th Anniversary Award ceremony of Wu Wenjun Artificial Intelligence Science and Technology and 2020 China Artificial Intelligence Industry Annual Meeting at the same time at the Diaoyutai State Guesthouse in Beijing and the Hilton Hotel in Suzhou Industrial Park from January 9 to 11, 2021. The award ceremony is hereby announced as follows:

I. Background of the Conference

The Wu Wenjun Artificial Intelligence Science and Technology Award is sponsored by CAAI. It is named by Mr. Wu Wenjun, the only person in the field of intelligent science and technology in China who is a great scientist, a pioneer and leader in artificial intelligence development, the winner of the first National Supreme Science and Technology Award, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and CAAI honorary director. Relying on social forces, the Science and Technology Award (National Science Award No. 0218) is qualified to nominate and recommend the National Science and Technology Award and is known as the "highest Award for Intelligent Science and Technology in China".

The aim is to reward units or individuals who have made important discoveries in intelligent scientific research, made efforts to achieve original innovations and breakthroughs, or conquered key core technologies in the field of artificial intelligence, and made significant progress in scientific and technological progress, units or individuals that create huge economic and social benefits or eco-environmental benefits. So far, the "Wu Wenjun Artificial Intelligence Science and Technology Award" has successfully held nine review and commendation activities, in order to vigorously carry forward the spirit of scientists, encourage the emergence of innovative talents, and strengthen the endogenous driving force of scientific and technological innovation, and promote high-quality economic and social development, and enjoy a high reputation in the field of intelligent science and technology in China.

At present, the competition in the global scientific and technological innovation highland is becoming increasingly fierce. As an important engine of a new round of scientific and technological change, artificial intelligence will become the core competitiveness in the future. China Artificial Intelligence Industry Annual Meeting 2020 (CAIIAM 2020) sponsored by CAAI, is a theme supporting event for the 10th anniversary of Wu Wenjun Artificial Intelligence Science and Technology Award. It integrates six parts: closed-door discussion, honorary commendation, high-end forum, product presentation, report release and project roadshow. It is an annual landmark event of artificial intelligence with high authority, large scale, strong brand and far-reaching influence in the industry.

The meeting promotes "online and offline integration", using the "1+22+X" model, including 1 host forum, 21 special forums, technical forums and sub-forums, as well as a series of activities such as report release and high-end discussions. Guests from the state and ministries, winners of Wu Wenjun Artificial Intelligence Science and Technology Award, nominated experts/ academicians and artificial intelligence enterprise leaders are invited to participate in the exchange of hundreds of influential experts, science and technology leaders, top experts and industry leaders in the field of artificial intelligence at home and abroad. The meeting aims to give full play to the talent and technological advantages of the award-winning team and project achievements, and strengthen the supply of artificial intelligence innovation and the agglomeration of high-end resources. It covers five cutting-edge topics: basic research and business value change, biomedical engineering, key technologies of sticking neck, intelligent ecological co-construction, and smart city brain.

It focuses on brain science and artificial intelligence, edge intelligent chip design, intelligent voice interaction, intelligent medical care and great health, big data intelligent perception and computing, trusted AI technology, new generation artificial intelligence algorithm innovation, smart grid, industrial Internet and intelligent manufacturing and other advantageous areas and industries. By looking forward to the future development trend of artificial intelligence, sharing forward-looking strategies and practical cases, showing the achievements of cutting-edge scientific and technological applications, speeding up the integration of core technologies and industries, enabling the landing of industrial applications, and enhancing the international competitiveness of industrial intelligence, help government departments, scientific research institutions, commercial enterprises and investment finance to provide direction guidance and decision support.

We will actively establish experimental zones for the innovation and development of a new generation of artificial intelligence in Suzhou and even the Yangtze River Delta to promote the high-quality development of the artificial intelligence industry, and build a high-level communication platform for academic, technological, application, capital and industrial cooperation in the frontier areas of artificial intelligence in China.

II. Name of the events

The 10th Anniversary Award ceremony of Wu Wenjun Artificial Intelligence Science and Technology Award and 2020 China artificial Intelligence Industry Annual Meeting.

.Time and place

January 9-11, 2021 (9th, Saturday morning for the award ceremony).

Beijing Diaoyutai State Guesthouse, Hilton Hotel, Suzhou Industrial Park.

IV. Theme of the General Assembly.

Wisdom endows the future.

V. Organizational structure.

(1) organizer

Chinese Association for Artificial Intelligence.

(2) Co-organizer

Management Committee of Suzhou Industrial Park.

(3) Undertaking units

CAAI Selection Base of Wu Wenjun Artificial Intelligence Science and Technology Award

Suzhou Zhibo Tiangong Artificial Intelligence Industry Research Institute.

VI. Highlights of the Meeting

(1) self-examination of the weak and study behind closed doors

Dozens of experts from state ministries and commissions, academicians of the two academies and industry leaders are invited to have a peak dialogue on the weak issues in the development of the new generation of artificial intelligence, interpret the pain points of the industry, analyze the development bottlenecks, and explore the barriers of the situation. seek common ground while reserving differences, and delve into the real problem. Centering on 10 core topics such as the innovation, development and application landing of artificial intelligence, this paper opens the circle with the top experts in the field of artificial intelligence, interprets the new trend of the development of artificial intelligence from an advanced perspective, and analyzes the innovative strategies for the landing of current commercial scenarios. absorb the collision of different viewpoints and ideas.

(2) blockbuster report issued by authority

Jointly released by the selection base of Wu Wenjun Artificial Intelligence Science and Technology Award of Chinese Society of artificial Intelligence, the Joint Research Center of Knowledge Intelligence of Chinese Academy of Engineering and Tsinghua University, and the Institute of Artificial Intelligence of Tsinghua University.

(3) setting awards for chips, setting a precedent

In order to implement the strategic plan of document No. 8 issued by the state in 2020, to build a new national system, and to meet the urgent needs of the development of basic, strategic and leading industries in the next 30 years, for the first time, artificial intelligence special chip awards have been set up in semiconductors, integrated circuits, software, microelectronics and other fields to encourage the vast number of experts and scholars to solve the key core technical problems of "sticking neck". To create an effective enabling platform for realizing the self-reliance and self-improvement of science and technology in our country.

(4) millions of grand prizes

Guests from the state, ministries and commissions, industry celebrities and well-known experts were invited to solemnly present awards at the Diaoyutai State Guesthouse in Beijing for the first time, giving prizes of 3 million RMB to the winners of Wu Wenjun artificial Intelligence Science and Technology Award. Through authoritative recognition, sharing the glory of science, using the exemplary power of artificial intelligence to empower the development of the industry, attracting exchanges and cooperation among colleagues in various fields, and participating in this year's scientific event in the field of artificial intelligence.

VII. Content of the activity.

(1) The 10th Anniversary of Wu Wenjun Artificial Intelligence Science and Technology Award.

(2) Symposium on weakness Analysis of artificial Intelligence in China.

(3) Opening ceremony of 2020 China artificial Intelligence Industry Annual meeting.

(4) The signing ceremony of strategic cooperation between the Chinese Society of artificial Intelligence and Huawei Technology Co., Ltd.

(5) China Artificial Intelligence Development report 2020 and AI Open Index series list released.

(6) Report of the main Forum of China artificial Intelligence Industry Annual meeting 2020.

Summit Dialogue of the main Forum 1: opportunities and challenges of artificial Intelligence scenario Application and Investment Market.

Peak Dialogue of the main Forum 2: the path and Strategy of High-quality Development of artificial Intelligence enabling Industry.

(7) AI Gala on Science Night.

(8) Wu Wenjun Artificial Intelligence Science and Technology Award Project Roadshow and Investment and financing meeting.

(9) Special forums, technical forums and sub-forums of the 2020 China Artificial Intelligence Industry Annual Meeting.

1. Special forum of the General Assembly.

(1) Special Forum on Intelligent driving and vehicle networking.

(2) Frontier Forum of Artificial Intelligence and brain Science.

(3) Special Forum on New Progress in Edge Smart Chip Design.

(4) Special Forum on Human-computer interaction.

(5) Special Forum on Applied Mathematics.

(VI) Frontier Forum for Young scientists.

(7) Special Forum on Biomedicine.

(8) Special Forum on Multichannel signal processing and Intelligent Systems.

(9) Special Forum on Intelligent Systems.

2. Technical Forum of the General Assembly.

(1) Forum on Intelligent Voice Dialogue and auditory perception Technology.

(2) Computational Innovation Forum for the New Generation of artificial Intelligence.

(3) Artificial intelligence technology helps smart grid forum.

(4) Image and Video understanding and Application Forum.

(5) Intelligent Travel and vehicle Awareness Forum.

(6) Closed Forum on AI Development and Privacy Protection.

(7) Closed-door meeting for the demonstration of intelligent technology achievements.

3. Gushu sub-forum.

(1) Medical artificial intelligence and great health.

(2) Industrial Internet and Intelligent Manufacturing.

(3) big data's Intelligent perception and Computing.

(4) innovative integration of artificial intelligence industry-university-research.

4. Hangzhou sub-forum.

City perception and Digital Governance.

5. Shanghai sub-forum.

Trusted AI Technology Forum.

VIII. Support media.

(1) Central media.

People's Daily, Xinhua News Agency, CCTV, Central people's Radio, Guangming Daily, China News Service, China Daily, China Youth Daily, Science and Technology Daily, Economic Daily, China Science News, Farmers' Daily, China Women's Daily, Workers' Daily, etc.

(2) Industry media.

Global Times, Phoenix Satellite TV, Outlook News Weekly, Sanlian Life Weekly, China Education News, time Weekly, thepaper.cn, China Enterprise News, China Industry News, China Social News, China intellectual property News, China Electric Power News, China Electronic News, China Aviation News, China Communications Bulletin, China Environment News, people's Post and Telecommunications, Journal of Intelligent Systems, China Social Organization Weekly, China Informatization Magazine, Chinese Journal of Invention and Patent, Journal of High Technology and industrialization, Journal of computer Simulation, Chinese Journal of High and New Technology, etc.

(3) Provincial and municipal media.

Beijing Daily, Beijing Evening News, Beijing Business News, Beijing Satellite TV, Xinmin Evening News, Jiangsu Satellite TV, Yangtze Evening News, Suzhou Daily, Modern KuaiBao, Xinhua Daily, Wen Wei Po, Nanjing Morning Post, Gusu Evening News, Suzhou Evening News, Suzhou News, famous City Suzhou Network, Jiangnan Times, Suzhou TV Station, etc.

(4) Financial and economic media.

21st Century Economic report, China Economic Daily, Financial circles, China Economic Network, Financial Network, Daily Economic, Oriental Wealth Network, People's Daily Economic Network, Shanghai Financial News, Securities Daily, Shanghai Securities News, Shanghai Business Daily, City Business Daily, China Business Daily, Beijing Business Daily, Investment Observer, Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurship, etc.

(5) specially invited live broadcast and new media.

1. Live media: Science Popularization China, Science Chuang China, CCTV client, Phoenix Video, Tencent Weishi, Sina Live, NetEase Live, Youku, iqiyi, bilibili, etc.

2. New media: intellectuals, academic headlines, 36 krypton, tiger smell, smart things, return to Park, Machine Heart, Lei Feng net, Core Reading, big data Abstracts, AI Science and Technology Review, Quantum bits, data School, CSDN, Global Science, New Zhiyuan, AI Front, etc.

IX. Contact

(1) Wu Wenjun Artificial Intelligence Science and Technology Award Office of CAAI (Beijing).

Contact: Mr. Wang and Mr. Wu.

Tel: 010-52365722, 52365896.

Email: wuwenjunkejijiang@vip.163.com.

Official website of the event: www.wuwenjunkejijiang.cn.

(2) CAAI selection Base of Wu Wenjun artificial Intelligence Science and Technology Award (Suzhou).

Contact: Mr. Yu and Mr. Liu.

Tel: 0512-62927273, 62927535.

Email: liuyunzhe@caaipalace.com.

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