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All branches and unit members:

      The election of candidates of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) and Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE) in 2021 has officially begun. In accordance with the notice issued by the General Office of the China Association for Science and Technology (CAST) on the Selection of Candidates of the CAS and CAE in 2021, CAAI invites members of its branches and units to recommend candidates in compliance with relevant requirements. The relevant issues are hereby notified as follows:

I. Elector and Quotas

(I) Elector

      All branches and unit members of the CAAI are eligible for the nomination.

(II) Quotas

      The number of candidates is not limited but the electors should adhere to relevant requirements to nominate candidates and put quality before quantity.

II. Requirements

      Requirements for the selection of candidates are released by CAS and CAE. CAAI should abide by these requirements and nominate candidates as an academic association.

      (I) Requirements for the CAS Candidates Patriotic and decent Chinese citizens who abide by laws and have made achievements in the field of science and technology and human civilization may be recommended as CAS candidates. Applicants should be engaged in research in natural science, technical science and engineering science.

      (II) Requirements for the CAE Candidates Patriotic and decent senior engineers, researchers, professors or experts with Chinese nationality who have made significant achievements and contributions in the field of engineering science and technology may be nominated as CAE candidates.

      (III) Academician candidates shall not be over 65 years old (born after July 1, 1956).

      (IV) Candidates who have been recommended to the CAS or CAE for three times in a row (in 2015, 2017 and 2019), will be disqualified as academician candidate for one time in 2021.

      (V) Civil servants and cadres of Party and government organs at or above the level of department management shall not be considered as academician candidates of the CAS or CAE.

      (VI) Scholars and experts of Chinese nationality from the Hong Kong and Macao Special Administrative Regions, Taiwan Province and other countries residing abroad shall not be elected.

III. Procedures

      According to relevant regulations on recommending academician candidates of CAST and protocols of COVID-19 epidemic prevention and control, the selection procedure is as follows:

      (I) Election Committee The CAAI has set up an expert committee for selection, a material review group and a working group for selection of academician candidates as required.

      (II) Election Plan The CAAI has formulated an election plan as required.

      (III) Election Procedure The CAAI will publish the selection information and select candidates from its branches and units. The candidate shall be reviewed and approved by three or more experts with senior titles in the same discipline (major), and get the experts’ signature on his or her application materials.

      (IV) Examination The unit to which the candidate belongs shall verify the authenticity of the materials, as well as the political performance, honesty and self-discipline, moral conduct of the candidate, as well as the confidentiality involved in the materials, and affixed the official seal of the unit.

      (V) Examination Organization The election committee shall conduct a review by meetings or online communications and vote to determine the candidate.

      (VI) Public Announcements. After passing the examination, the basic information of candidates will be publicized on the website of his/her employer and the CAAI for 5 working days.

      (VII) Result Reporting The results shall be submitted to the recommendation (nomination) academician candidate office of CAST.

IV. Selection Requirements and Description

      (I) In accordance with the relevant notices and implementation rules issued by the CAS and the CAE, the CAAI formulates feasible implementation plans and carries out the selection work with high standards. CAAI would be objective and fair in the election process, value academic performance over professional titles and ensure the authority and credibility of the election.

      (II) This selection would find and recommend outstanding talents in emerging disciplines and interdisciplinary disciplines and middle-aged experts. In the selection of candidates for membership of the CAE, CAAI would consider experts who have worked in nine provinces including Guizhou, Yunnan, Guangxi, Gansu, Qinghai, Ningxia, Tibet, Xinjiang, and Inner Mongolia, autonomous regions and the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps in the western region for a cumulative period of more than 20 years. Experts of private enterprises who worked in the front line of engineering science and technology will also be considered.

      (III) The CAAI will conduct a comprehensive inspection of the academic performance and moral ethics of the candidate, and ensure the authenticity of the major achievements and contributions mentioned in the candidate's application materials.

      (IV) All the materials submitted shall not involve state secrets.

V. Requirements of Materials Submitted

      (I) Materials Submitted

      According to the requirements of the CAS and the CAE, the candidate shall provide paper copies and electronic documents of the materials. All materials submitted involving state secrets shall be declassified. If the materials submitted violate the confidentiality provisions, the candidate shall be disqualified from being recommended (nominated).

      1. Materials for candidates of the CAS

      (1) Letter of Recommendation from Academician Candidates of Chinese Academy of Sciences (recommended by academic organizations) (hereinafter referred to as "Letter of Recommendation") in 6 copies, including 3 originals.

      (2) Attachment 1 (6 paper copies, including 3 originals) of "Appendices of Recommended Persons Co-opted by Academicians of Chinese Academy of Sciences" (hereinafter referred to as "Appendices").

      (3) Two sets of paper copies of Attachments 2 - 6.

      (4) Confirmation Letter on the Authenticity of the Attached Materials in 3 copies.

      (5) Certificate of Confidentiality Examination on the Attachments (issued by the employer where the candidate works) in three paper copies.

      (6) All these materials mentioned above shall be stored in a USB flash disk, and all PDF documents should not be larger than 100 MB.

      For the above materials, please visit the website of Chinese Academy of Sciences (www.casad.cas.cn) to download.

      (7) Two copies of peer expert evaluation form (see attachment 1 for format).

      1. Materials for candidates of the CAE

      (1) 9 copies of Nomination Form for Academician Candidates of Chinese Academy of Engineering (for Nomination by China Association for Science and Technology) (hereinafter referred to as "Nomination Form"), including 6 originals. The original shall be signed by the elected person, and the unit to which the elected person belongs shall be responsible for examination and seal of the unit.

      (2) 2 sets of paper attachments of "Nomination Letter", including copies of science and technology award certificates (no more than 5 items), copies of invention patent certificates and proof of implementation (no more than 5 items), originals or copies of papers and works (no more than 10 books or volumes), originals or copies of important achievements in engineering design, construction, operation, and management (no more than 5 books or volumes).

      (3) One CD-ROM, which contains data files in mdb format generated by the Academician Candidate Nomination System of the CAE, word format "Nomination Letter" and electronic version of attachment materials (PDF format).

For nomination system, instructions and relevant documents of the selection can be downloaded from the website of the CAE (www.cae.cn).

      (4) 3 paper copies of the confidentiality review certificate of the "Nomination Letter" and the attached materials (issued by the unit of the nominated person).

      (5) Three printed copies of the "Eight Rules of Chinese Academy of Engineering on the Discipline of Serious Co-election of Academicians" signed by the candidate.

      (6) Two copies of peer expert evaluation form (see attachment 1 for format).

      (III) Requirements

      1. The materials shall be submitted in full, and the paper copy of all the materials must be completely consistent with the corresponding electronic documents.

      2. Please submit the materials before January 31, 2021, overdue will be invalid. If submitted by mail, the time is subject to the local postmark.

      3. The above submitted materials are used by the CAAI to organize an expert committee review. After the review results come out, the selected person who passed the review will modify and improve the relevant materials according to the review experts' opinions, and then submit the materials to the secretariat according to the requirements of the CAST.

VI. Contact

      Contact: Taru ZOU, Hui YU

      Tel: 13121123883,13811484695

      Mail: msc@caai.cn

      Address: Room 305, Block B, Xueyan Building, 33 Shuangqing Road, Haidian District, Beijing


The original link : https://www.cast.org.cn/art/2021/1/8/art_460_144988.html


Appendix 1. Peer Expert Review Form. DOC


Attachment1. Peer Expert Review Form.doc

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