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Congratulations to the Chinese Association for Artificial Intelligence

Professor Qiao Junfei, executive director

Researcher Tian Feng, director

2015-2017 Youth Talent Lift Project

Professor Han Honggui

Won the second prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award in 2018

National Science Progress Award


On the morning of January 8, the CPC Central Committee and the State Council held a grand National Science and Technology Award Conference in Beijing. Xi Jinping, Li Keqiang, Wang Huning, Han Zheng and other party and state leaders attended the meeting. Xi Jinping and others presented prizes for the winning delegates. On behalf of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, Li Keqiang delivered a speech at the conference. Han Zheng presided over the meeting.

A total of 278 projects and 7 science and technology experts were selected for the national science and Technology Award in 2018. Among them, there are 38 National Natural Science Awards: 1 first prize and 37 second prize; 67 National Technological Invention Awards: 4 first prizes and 63 second prizes; 173 National Science and Technology Progress Awards: 2 special awards, 23 first prizes (including 3 innovation team) and 148 second prizes. Academicians Liu Yongtan and Qian Qihu won the national highest science and Technology Award in 2018, and five foreign scientists won the International Science and Technology Cooperation Award of the people's Republic of China.

Professor Qiao Junfei, executive director of Chinese Association for Artificial Intelligence, Beijing University of Technology, won the second prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award in 2018 with the project of "Key Technology and Application of Urban Sewage Treatment Process Control". Professor Han Honggui of Beijing University of Technology, supported by the 2015-2017 Young Talents Lift Project of the Chinese Association for Artificial Intelligence, were the third completers of the project and jointly won this honor.


Brief introduction of award winning projects:

Aiming at the problem of time-varying uncertainty involved in sewage information analysis, a neural network structure self-organizing design method is proposed and obtained, which improves the ability of processing time-varying uncertain information, develops the theory and method of intelligent information processing, and proposes an intelligent multi-objective optimization method based on data, which effectively solves the dynamic optimization problem of non-stationary system;

The intelligent self-organizing measurement model of key water quality indicators based on characteristic parameters is obtained, which breaks through the technical problem that the key water quality indicators of urban sewage treatment cannot be measured on-line; the rule adaptive fuzzy control method is firstly proposed and practical technology is formed to solve the problem of accurate control of key process variables such as dissolved oxygen and nitrate nitrogen in the sewage treatment process; A multi-objective intelligent optimization method for urban sewage treatment process based on effluent quality is established, which reduces the energy consumption of treatment per ton of water and realizes the low-cost operation of sewage treatment plant; The intelligent optimization control system of urban sewage treatment with independent intellectual property rights has been applied in urban sewage treatment plants of different regions and processes in China, and remarkable economic and social benefits have been achieved.

During the research and development period, 65 patents have been applied for, 49 patents (40 / 9 inventions / utility models) have been authorized and 25 software copyrights have been obtained; 140 academic papers (40 / 109 included in SCI / EI) and 2 relevant works have been published in IEEE Transactions on industrial electronics, IEEE transactions on neural networks and learning systems and other international authoritative journals and conferences; The research results have been applied in 24 municipal wastewater treatment plants with different processes in North China, Northeast China, East China and South China. The power consumption per ton of water treatment is reduced by about 5% on average, and the cumulative treatment of sewage is 4970.9 million tons, and the economic benefit reaches 650 million yuan (320 million yuan in recent three years). Tian Feng, director of Chinese Association for Artificial Intelligence and researcher of Human Computer Interaction Technology and Intelligent Information Processing Laboratory of Institute of software, Chinese Academy of Sciences, won the second prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award in 2018 with the project of "Key Technologies and Applications of Pen Based Human-Computer Interaction".


Brief introduction of award winning projects:

The project belongs to the field of computer information technology. We have carried out the research and application of key technologies of pen based human-computer interaction, and achieved important scientific and technological innovation achievements in the multi-source pen interactive information perception technology, complex handwriting structure understanding technology, pen intelligent interaction technology and so on. The developed whiteboard and interactive tablet products cover more than 30 provinces and cities in China, and have been extended to 29 countries such as North America, Europe, Asia and Africa, breaking the monopoly of developed countries and ranking first in the world with a quarter of the market share. The pen assisted diagnosis system has been applied in Beijing Union Medical College Hospital, Xiangya Hospital and other famous hospitals in China. It has played an important role in clinical diagnosis and nerve function evaluation.The developed pen sports training system has been successfully applied in the daily training of national diving team, badminton team and women's water polo team, which has made an important contribution to the success of the Olympic Games.

The project has obtained 281 national authorized patents, 3 national standards, 47 software copyrights, 6 software product registration, 2 monographs, 2 translated works and 308 papers. The application of the achievements in the fields of education, medical treatment and sports has produced remarkable economic and social benefits. In the past three years, the newly increased income has reached 7.015 billion yuan, including 145 million US dollars of foreign exchange from exports and 500 million yuan of new profits.


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