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Chinese Association for Artificial Intelligence, the only national association in the field of intelligent science and technology in China, officially announced the list of 2018 CAAI candidates. Ten outstanding science and technology workers and AI industry leaders in the AI field, including academician Chen Jie, president of Tongji University, Dai Qionghai of Tsinghua University, academician Wu Chaohui, president of Zhejiang University, and academician Zhao Chunjiang, director of National Agricultural Information Engineering Technology Research Center, were awarded this honor. This is also the first time for CAAI to co elect after the first batch of 53 members including 22 academicians in 2017.


As the highest academic honor of its members in CAAI, the selection of CAAI Fellow adheres to the principles of fairness, impartiality and openness, and takes the outstanding achievements in scientific research, technological development, industrial promotion and other aspects in the field of artificial intelligence and their outstanding contributions to the association. The number of additional fellows is no more than 10 each year.

After more than 60 years of development, artificial intelligence has become one of the strategic technologies leading the future, which is related to the overall strategic layout of the country and the future prosperity and development. In 2017, The New Generation of Artificial Intelligence Development Plan was released, which raised artificial intelligence to the national strategy, striving to make China's artificial intelligence theory, technology and application reach the world's leading level by 2030, and become the world's major artificial intelligence innovation center. The scale of artificial intelligence core industry exceeds 1 trillion yuan.

The realization of the strategic goal of artificial intelligence in China is inseparable from the outstanding contribution and support of outstanding scientific and technological workers and industry leaders. In response to the call of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, the Chinese Association for Artificial Intelligence encouraged its members to continue to climb the heights of science and technology through the normalization of its fellow selection.

CAAI works to promote the scientific research and technological development in the field of artificial intelligence in China and has laid a solid technical foundation for the stable and rapid realization of China's artificial intelligence strategy. In addition, the participation of industry leaders has a huge role in promoting the development of intelligent industry and AI enabled real economy, which helps to accelerate the process of industrial intelligent upgrading.

With the rising tide of artificial intelligence, the Chinese Association for Artificial Intelligence seizes the opportunity presented by the time, perseveres and forge ahead, and helps China to enter the ranks of world science and technology powers as soon as possible. It will write a new chapter for China's artificial intelligence technology under the new situation.

List of 2018 CAAI additional fellows

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Chinese Association for Artificial Intelligence

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