• 2021-01-22 Friday


Chairs of IEEE and IRSS have wrote back respectively in recent days to CAAI who sent a letter to international organizations to introduce the situation in China and call for cross-border cooperation amid the pandemic of Covid-19.

In their replies, both organizations showed their support to Chinese people and respect to their Chinese colleagues. They also agreed to enhance cooperation with CAAI to forge global synergy against the coronavirus.

CAAI’s letter, signed by Mr. DAI Qionghai, President of CAAI, delivered appreciation for international support and introduced effective measures taken by the government, as well as the contribution of Chinese scientists.

Thanks to those great efforts, which have been recognized by many countries and international organizations including the WHO, China is closer to full recovery.


Since last December after first cases were tested out, Chinese scientists have been working closely with foreign colleagues in tackling the disease.

CAAI members made their contribution by developing AI-based supportive robots and sending them to hospitals in Wuhan.

Because the virus respects on borders and nationalities,

CAAI, in its letter, called for more understanding and support to China, and called on mutual trust as well as cooperation.

According to the WHO, the Covid-19 has spread across more than 100 countries so far and been identified as a pandemic.

No one is an outsider in the global fight against Covid-19. Only through cooperation, mutual help and mutual trust can human defeat the disease.


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