• 2021-06-16 Wednesday

All directors, branches and members:


At present, novel coronavirus pneumonia prevention and control has entered a critical stage. Since the outbreak of the epidemic, the CPC Central Committee has set up a leading group to deal with the epidemic, and issued a call to the whole Party and the whole country to win the battle of prevention and control.


As a national first-class association, Chinese Association for  Artificial Intelligence (CAAI) actively implements the spirit of the Party Central Committee, conscientiously fulfills its social responsibility in accordance with the deployment of the China Association for Science and Technology and the Ministry of Civil Affairs, unites all directors, branches and members, supports the fight against the epidemic with practical actions, provides strong scientific and technological support for the fight against the "war epidemic" without gunpowder smoke, and completes epidemic prevention and control and emergency science popularization We contribute wisdom to our work.


If one side is in trouble, support from all sides. The outbreak is spreading, and we need to unite as one. At the critical moment, CAAI proposes all directors, branches and members: Fight the epidemic with true feelings, help the prevention and control with love, actively donate money to Wuhan, help each other and overcome the difficulties together.


There is no mountain that can't be turned over and no ridge that can't be crossed with cooperation.

Under the firm leadership of the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping at the core, let us learn to cooperate with the whole nation to strengthen confidence and scientific prevention and control, so as to resolutely curb the spread of the epidemic and win the victory in the prevention and control struggle.


1. Official channel of donation

(1) Bank transfer

Company name: Chinese Association for  Artificial Intelligence

Bank of deposit: Xinjiekou branch of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China

Account No.: 020002909200166203

Note: please indicate "name + epidemic donation + contact information" when making donation.

(2) Alipay

Official Alipay account of the Chinese Association for Artificial Intelligence:


Note: open the Alipay APP to choose the transfer function, search the account directly to transfer funds, or directly through the Alipay APP scan code donation.

Please indicate "name + epidemic donation + contact information" when making donation.


2. Person in charge of donation

Contact: Zou Yaru, Yuhui

Tel: 13121123883, 1381144695

Email: msc@caai.cn


3. Notes on donation

1 In order to ensure that your donation can reach the relevant departments effectively, please make sure that you donate from the official channel provided by the Institute. The following entries are invalid:

Entrance 1. Official website of China artificial intelligence society http://caai.cn/

Entrance 2. pays attention to the official WeChat official account CAAI-1981 of the Chinese Association for Artificial Intelligence, and is concerned about our latest release.

2 All donation can be invoiced.

3 All charity donations will be earmarked for special purpose, adhere to the principle of openness and transparency, timely announce the donation and use of charity funds to the society through the official website of the society, and accept social supervision.

4 The deadline for donation is February 10, 2020. After the deadline for donation, the above official entrance will no longer accept donation. We will return your donation in the original way.

It is the unshirkable mission of the Chinese Association for Artificial Intelligence to give the strongest voice and mobilize all the forces of the association. We propose and call on colleagues from all walks of life of artificial intelligence to actively participate in the epidemic prevention and control work and spare no effort to support the victory of the war.

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