• 2024-06-18 Tuesday

From March 9th to 10th, 2024, “CAAI Artificial Intelligence Foundation Professional Committee (CFAI) Visits Universities: Ningxia University Seminar” was successfully held. The event was hosted by Chinese Association for Artificial Intelligence, organized by CFAI, and co-hosted by Ningxia University. Focused on the national strategic demand of bridging the gap between eastern and western regions in computing resources and key issues in artificial intelligence, the seminar explored the digitalization and industrialization needs of Ningxia’s six emerging industries, six specialty agricultural industries and six priority industries so as to promote the place’s sci-tech innovation and development.


The seminar has provided a platform for communication for researchers and students in AI at the university. In the future, CFAI will continue to play its role in facilitating academic exchanges and organize more diverse and engaging activities.




Chinese Association for Artificial Intelligence

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