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Recently, China Association for Science and Technology officially published the shortlist of the project for improving the capacity of national institutes – “world first-class institute construction project”. After project application, qualification examination, expert review and other links, the final selection of 50 national institutes of the Chinese Association for Artificial Intelligence was selected. 


Under the grand goal of building an advanced China in science and technology, the project aims to face the frontier of science and technology in the world, the main battlefield of economy and the major needs of the country, and promote a number of national institutes to become the first-class institutes with Chinese characteristics. It can be said that the winner institutes selected in this project undertakes the significant responsibility of leading the faster, bigger and stronger development of China's science and technology in various fields.   

In the future, the Chinese Association for Artificial Intelligence will be according to the project of “world first-class institute construction” high standards, continue to adhere to the development direction of institutes with Chinese characteristics, and build itself into an international first-class institution which is influential, high-status and appealing in the global artificial intelligence field. CAAI will set up the ecological integration platform for opening sharing for global partners, provide rich and colorful popular science service for the masses and promote the prosperity of artificial intelligent industry in China collaborating with all walks of life.


A Notice from the General Office of the China Association for Science and Technology on Building a World-class Institute

No. 254, office of science and technology association of China [2018] 

Related national institutes, associations and research institutes:

According to the notice of the Ministry of Finance and China’s Association for Science and Technology on the in-depth implementation of the special program for improving the capacity of the institutes (no. 51 [2013] of the association for science and technology), from 2012 to 2017, the China’s Association for Science and Technology has successively implemented two special programs for improving the capacity of institutes and achieved remarkable results. In order to implement Xi Jinping thought on socialism with Chinese characteristics for a new era and the spirit of the 19th CPC national congress, the second and third plenary sessions of the 19th CPC central committee and in accordance with the overall work plan, the China  Association for Science and Technology has decided to launch the third session of the special program to enhance the capacity of the association -- the “world-class association construction project”. In accordance with the principle of “adhere to political guidance, aiming at world-class, strengthen classified guidance, strengthen (hereinafter referred to as “the institute”), We will deepen reform in an all-round way, enhance our comprehensive capabilities, build a brand of work, strive to become a world-class society with Chinese characteristics, and contribute to promoting innovation in social governance, building a strong country in science and technology, and building a community of shared future for mankind.


According to the notice of the general office of the China Association for Science and Technology on the application for the construction projects of world-class institute (no. 223 [2018] of the office of CAST), the list of the construction project of world-class institutes is determined after project application, qualification examination, expert evaluation and result publicity (annex 1). The project has a three-year implementation cycle and is supported in three categories. The relevant matters are hereby notified as follows.

Firmly grasp the community of science and technology development of China’s historic position and mission of the ages adhere to the party leading, strengthen the organization foundation, deepen the reform of institutes, stimulatdomestic demand potential, emphasize international orientation, enhance competition ability, surround the “five essential abilities  ”and “eight key construction directions”of the world first-class society construction with Chinese characteristics” ,guide the institutes to strengthen the connotation, to expand the scale, to increase reputation, and constantly strive for the goal of the world first-class institute with Chinese characteristics.   

Among them, the five abilities mainly refer to the mass organization, academic leadership, strategic support, cultural communication and international influence of the institute.   

Eight key construction directions  mainly refer to insisting on the development direction of institutes with Chinese characteristics, providing accurate diverse membership service products, constructing a world famous brand of academic activities, building a world-class science and technology periodicals, setting up  science and technology awards of international influence, constructing international authoritative think-tank brand, providing high quality science popularization services and building an open and Shared platform for industry-school integration services.

The institute that receives project support shall attach great importance to it, make systematic planning, define working ideas, provide relevant guarantee (among which, the amount of supporting fund of the institute shall be no less than the amount of project fund supported by China association for science and technology), carefully organize the implementation, and ensure the actual effect of project implementation. 

1. Each institute shall compare with the world-class institutes, find out the gaps and deficiencies, design the development plan for 2018-2020 systematically, specify the project content and main tasks, and form the overall project implementation plan and annual work plan. Among them, the first type of building institutes should pay attention to the comprehensive construction of “five abilities”, highlight the international development strategy, and comprehensively enhance the international influence and discourse power of the society; The second type construction institute should further consolidate its work foundation, give full play to its unique advantages, build an international work brand and expand its international influence. the third type construction institutes should highlight the construction of characteristic brands and enhance the international influence of brand work.   

2. Each institute shall formulate project implementation management methods, strictly manage project funds, ensure the safety and efficiency of the use of project funds, and submit the project summary at the end of each year. The project summary shall summarize the annual work progress against the project contract, and provide a typical international case or the construction of a brand work. The 2018 annual project summary can be submitted by the end of February 2019. The association will conduct annual assessment and daily supervision of the implementation of the programs. According to the results of the annual assessment, dynamic adjustment should be made to the support for the society. The support for the society that fails to achieve the expected project implementation should be reduced, and the support for the institute with remarkable work achievements can be increased as needed.

3. Each institute shall fill in the project contract (attachment 2) and submit the paper version with the seal of the society in four copies to room 1601, academic department of China Association for Science and Technology before leaving work on November 22, 2018. The electronic version shall be sent to gaigefazhan@cast.org.cn.


Libo WANG  Feng DANG  Academic Department of China Association for Science and Technology


2. Contract of the construction project of world-class institutes(template)

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