• 2024-03-04 Monday

On January 7th, 2024, the first session of the Symposium on the Frontiers of Embodied Artificial Intelligence of CAAI - the Best paper session of the Embodied Intelligent Top Conference was successfully held.


This academic activity is sponsored by the Chinese Association for Artificial Intelligence, organized by CAAI Embodied Intelligence Special Committee (preparation), and co-organized by Luoyi Science. The event invited the first authors of the best papers of the past two years from Robotics: Science & Systems (RSS) and the Conference on Robot Learning (CoRL) to give academic presentations. Speakers included Cheng Chi from Columbia University, William Shen from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Allen Z. Ren from Princeton University, Haochen Shi from Stanford University, and Weizhe Chen from Indiana University. Professor Lu Cewu of Shanghai Jiao Tong University presided over the special session. A total of more than 60 scholars, students and industry professionals from all over the country attended the Tencent conference, which was watched more than 7,700 times online and received more than 12,000 likes.

This event introduced the latest academic and application progress of these cutting-edge researchers in robot planning, robot learning, large language model planning and other academic directions, as well as challenging tasks in robot manipulation of complex objects,, robot navigation, and robot information collection. The five speakers provided insightful discussions , method explanations, and explored future developments in the relevant directions.discussion The activity received considerable attention and positive feedback from many parties.



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