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In accordance with the requirements of the “Notice of the Department of Science Popularization of the China Association for Science and Technology (CAST) on the Assessment of the  Science Popularization Work of National Associations in 2023”(No. 60 [2023] of the China Association for Science and Technology),the CAAI attached great importance to, actively participated in, carefully summarized, and systematically sorted out and submitted the work for science popularization in 2023 and the work plan for 2024.


Based on the science popularization work carried out by national societies and the submitted summary materials, notable achievements and breakthroughs were identified in areas such as branding, platforms, teams, positions, propagation, events, and rewards. Following a democratic assessment by the expert group of CAST Department of Science Popularization, CAAI, along with other 87 national associations were selected as the “Outstanding Unit for Science Popularization Work in 2023”.


In 2024, the society will continue its efforts, playing a demonstrative and leading role and creating distinctive science popularization brands so as to provide high-quality science popularization services to our society and the public. At the same time, the society will make full use of its advantages in terms of organization, talent, and mobilization and promote scientific spirit. It will also unite and lead the vast community of science and technology workers and establish a high-quality science popularization service system. In doing so, it will work to make greater contributions to enhancing scientific literacy of the general public.


The list of outstanding units for science popularization work of national associations in 2023


(Sorted by association number)


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