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From December 28th to 30th, December, the final round of 2023 First China’s Innovation Challenge on Artificial Intelligence Application Scene (CICAS2023) & National Artificial Intelligence Application Scenario Innovation Summit successfully concluded at Dongguan Songshan Lake (Guangdong Province). It was hosted by Chinese Association for Artificial Intelligence (CAAI), Research Center of the Next Generation Artificial Intelligence of the Ministry of Science and Technology, and Dongguan Municipal People's Government. Professor Sun Fuchun from Tsinghua University,Vice President of CAAI, and Professor Yue Dong,  Foreign Full Member (Academician) of the Russian Academy of Engineering (RAE), Dean of the College of Automation & College of Artificial Intelligence of Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications, presided over the main forum presentations at the summit.


Themed “Scenario-driven, Intelligence empower China”,the summit brought together over 120 experts from academia and industry, including Academician Dai Qionghai, Academician Li Guojie, and Academician He You. During the summit, discussions revolved around the penetration of artificial intelligence (AI) applications, particularly large model paradigms, into various scenario. Besides, front-line topics included the open development of application scenarios in real industries like autonomous driving, smart agriculture, intelligent equipment, network security, and biomedicine. They also predicted cutting-edge technology challenges in generative AI and explore business models for Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) business models, trends in AGI development like embodied intelligence and brain-machine interfaces. Furthermore, experts also expected to establish a full stack and high-end scenario application platform that supports collaborative exploration and industrial exchanges.



Chinese Association for Artificial Intelligence

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