• 2023-12-05 Tuesday

From June 16th to 20th, Kunming successfully held the 2023 advanced seminar on improving the ability of professional AI technology transfer and transformation. It was hosted by the Department of Sci-tech Innovation of China Association for Science and Technology (CAST), and sponsored by the CAAI, and co-hosted by the CAAI Artificial Intelligence Foundation Professional Committee.



The workshop is an essential part of the 2023 advanced training project of the CAST knowledge upgrading project for technical professionals. It aims to improve Chinese technicians’ transfer and transformation ability in the field of AI; and to promote the output and industrialization of Al products; and to give strong talent support for AI high-quality development.


The seminar will give strong talent support for  AI innovation and development in China, and further promote the efficient transfer and high-quality transformation of AI technologies, and boost the establishment of AI innovative, industrial and talent chains, so as to exert a positive influence on building an AI power and conducting the serving-the-nation strategy.

Chinese Association for Artificial Intelligence

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