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On August 1-19, 2016, “ the 4th IEEE International Conference on Cloud Computing and Intelligence Systems (IEEE CCIS2016) was held grandly and achieved a complete success.


The conference was hosted by the CAAI, and IEEE Beijing branch. Jointly held by Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications and National Natural Science Foundation of China. The conference gathered more than 100 experts and scholars from China, the United States, Finland, Austria, Australia, Britain and other countries. Experts and scholars gave wonderful keynote speeches to the attendees on the morning of 18th and 19th,which includes Schahram Dustdar,professor of Vienna University of Technology in Austria, Eduard Hovy, professor of Carnegie Mellon University in America, Li Xiangyang, professor of University of Science and Technology in China, Moncef Gabbouj and Jukka K. Nurminen, professors of Tampere University of Technology in Finland, and Shui Yu, professor of Deakin University in Australia etc.


A total of 10 sub-sessions were set up at the conference, where experts and scholars had extensive and in-depth discussions and exchanges on hot issues such as mobile intelligent systems, intelligent control, machine learning, cloud security, pattern recognition and image processing, natural language processing, cloud management, Internet of things and smart cities.


The continuous development of intelligent systems and cloud computing technologies will further promote the in-depth integration of related technologies and emerging technologies and industries, and promote a new round of information technology revolution, which will have a profound impact on people's lives. The conference is of great significance to promote the development of artificial intelligence technology in China.

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