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The big model of artificial intelligence has set off a wave, which will certainly be a big change in the history of technology. The leaders are already fast and far ahead, how can the latecomers catch up quickly?

On April 8, the AI Large Model Technology Summit Forum hosted by CAAI was held in Xiaoshan, Hangzhou, China. Experts from industry, academia, research and investment joined hands to create a heavyweight communication event focusing on “large model”, attracting over 4.99 million viewers from multiple platforms . The forum, which lasted for two days, consisted of nine specific reports and five thematic forums. With ChatGPT, GPT-4 and other popular large models as references, it comprehensively sorted out the hot spots of large model technology, showcased the application of large model , and helped gain insight into the future of intelligent industry, thereby providing constructive references for  the government, enterprises, the education sector, venture capital and startups as well as industry stakeholders.

A transboundary and tight convergence of forces

The activity started in the morning of April 8th. Qionghai DAI, CAAI President and Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Zhaotian ZHANG, Researcher of Information Science Department, National Natural Science Foundation of China, and Chang XU, Member of the Standing Committee of the Xiaoshan district Party Committee, Secretary of Party Working Committee and Director of Management Committee of Xiaoshan Economic and Technological Development Zone attended the activity and delivered speeches.


Qionghai DAI delivered a speech


Zhaotian ZHANG delivered a speech


Chang XU delivered a speech

Fuchun SUN, CAAI Vice President and professor of Tsinghua University, Hong LIU, CAAI Vice President and professor of Peking University, Fuji REN, CAAI Honorary Vice President and academician of the Japanese Academy of Engineering, and Yuting ZHUANG, Director of CAAI Intelligent Creative and Digital Art Professional Committee and professor of Zhejiang University, presided over the forum.

A feast of cutting-edge and practical results

Throughout the day on April 8, Academician Yunhe PAN, Shufeng YANG, Qi TIAN and Licheng JIAO, and Professor Qinghua ZHENG, Jianhua TAO and Fei WU and Associate Professor Minlie HUANG, and Dr. Xiaodong HE gave keynote presentations on innovative breakthroughs, application frontiers, industry challenges and opportunities in big data technologies, involving new research paradigms in areas such as conversational agents, geographical science, big data knowledge engineering, and commercial practical experiences such as Huawei’s Pangu model.

A comprehensive and vivid picture of the future

On April 9, “Open Source Artificial Intelligence Platform  and Generative Power: Insight of the Road of Technology Innovation from GPT-4”, “From Large Model to General AI - Opportunities and Challenges”, “In what way is the large model large? --Large model technology, application and prospect”, “Opportunities and challenges of industrial development brought by GPT-4” and “Innovation and impact of Chat GPT” will be held simultaneously, which will unlock the real face of AI large model in a panoramic way and provide a three-dimensional view of the future of AI.

This high-profile, multi-themed forum, featuring a collection of research views, sharing of academic results, analysis of technology trends, insight into the future of the industry, has effectively promoted the exchange and cooperation of AI large model technology in China, and played an important role in helping industry players to grasp the new trends in technology and seize new opportunities in the industry.

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