• 2024-03-04 Monday

Science and Technology Volunteer activities are underway

To thoroughly implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping' s instructions, CAAI actively responds to the call of the China Association for Science and technology, and adheres to the faith— "researchers must take serving the country as their duties, and scholars must regard serving the people as glory." Through volunteer activities in various forms, it profoundly interprets the connotation of the spirit of Lei Feng in this new age and continues Lei Feng' s story in the field of science and technology in the new era.

On March 5th, the 60th “Lei Feng Memorial Day,” CAAI Professional Committee of Smart Energy set up a science and technology volunteer group, which went to technology companies and delivered science lectures on the application of artificial intelligence in the field of energy and power under the "double carbon goals".


Focusing on application scenarios in the energy and power industry, the CAAI Professional Committee of Smart Energy invited experts in the fields of power and artificial intelligence to share their scientific knowledge on power grid dispatching, integrated energy and safety inspection to production operators of enterprises, and the public in the form of lectures. They actively interacted with the audience and invited them to experience the applications of new power technologies such as VR. At the end of the activity, the experts had in-depth communication with the audience and patiently responded to their common concerns like the construction of new power systems.

In this activity, the volunteer group popularized the innovative applications of big data, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, metaverse, ChatGPT, and other technologies in the fields of energy and power to the employees at the production line and people who were interested in the development of these industries. With practical actions, it is vigorously carrying forward the spirit of Lei Feng and continuing Lei Feng’s story in the science and technology field in the new era.

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