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The CAAI cloud Forum (Nanjing Station), sponsored by the Chinese society of artificial intelligence, organized by the CAAI mental computing Special Committee (Preparatory), the Management Committee of Jiangsu Nanjing ecological science and technology Island Economic Development Zone and China Singapore Nanjing ecological science and technology Island Development Co., Ltd., will be held on the morning of June 11, 2022. The theme of this cloud forum is "intelligent science and mental computing". Experts and scholars from the "sci tech innovation China" Ai professional technology service team will be invited to conduct in-depth exchanges and discussions on hot issues related to intelligent science and mental computing, further help the technological innovation and application of the new generation of AI, and promote the development of AI in Nanjing and all parts of the country.


Guest profile

Forum chair

Zhang Xu

Academician of CAS 

President of Guangdong Institute of intelligent science and technology 

Former vice president of Shanghai Branch of Chinese Academy of Sciences

Personal profile:

He has been engaged in molecular and cellular biological mechanism research of nervous system diseases for a long time. The gene expression profiles of dorsal root ganglion and spinal cord in chronic pain were systematically studied, and new pain information regulation systems such as endogenous sodium potassium pump agonists were found, which provided a new theoretical basis for clinical analgesia and drug development; The interaction between opioid receptor subtypes in nociceptive neurons and their correlation with analgesic tolerance were found, which expanded the function of receptor complex and the direction of drug research; It was found that fibroblast growth factor 13 (fgf13) regulates the development of neurons and brain by stabilizing microtubules, and the mechanism of mental retardation caused by fgf13 gene defect was clarified. He has won Heliang Heli science and technology progress award, China Youth Science and technology award, Shanghai Natural Science peony award, etc.


Shi Zhongzhi 

Researcher, Institute of computing technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences 


Personal profile:

He has been engaged in the research of intelligent science and artificial intelligence for a long time. He was responsible for completing a number of national "973 Plan", "863 Plan", key projects of the National Natural Science Foundation, etc. He has won 6 national and departmental science and technology awards and the achievement award of wuwenjun artificial intelligence science and technology award. He has published 20 books and more than 500 academic papers. He once served as chairman of IFIP artificial intelligence machine learning and data mining group, Secretary General of CCF and vice chairman of CAAI.




Pu Muming 

Academician of CAS 

Foreign academicians of the American Academy of Sciences

Director of Shanghai Institute of Neurology, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Personal profile:

Academic director of the center for excellence and innovation in brain science and intelligent technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and director of Shanghai brain science and brain like research center. The "photobleaching" technology established by internationally renowned neurobiologists and biophysicists is still the standard experimental method for measuring the movement speed of intracellular proteins, and has made important contributions to the dynamic movement of membrane proteins, neuron development and axon guidance, synapse formation and plasticity, and the function of neural circuits.

Lecture topic:

Bundling and storage of information in natural neural networks


Huang Tiejun 

President of Beijing Zhiyuan Artificial Intelligence Research Institute

Professor of Peking University

Personal profile: 

He has been engaged in the research of intelligent visual information processing technology for more than 30 years, has achieved innovative breakthroughs in video coding standards, visual feature analysis and bionic visual model, has made outstanding contributions to the formulation of national standards for digital video coding and large-scale industrialization, and has won the second prize of the National Science and Technology Progress Award; It has established a visual big data processing technology system focusing on feature analysis and compression, and won the second prize of the National Technological Invention Award; It has created a new system of ultra-high speed pulse vision technology that subverts the video system, and developed ultra-high speed pulse vision chips, cameras and vision systems that are thousands of times faster than film and television. He has published more than 300 academic papers and authorized more than 100 invention patents.

Lecture topic:

Progress in brain like research 


Zhong Yixin

Former Chairman of CAAI

Academician of the World Academy of Engineering and Technology in Development

Former Vice President and Professor of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications

Personal Profile:

President of the Institute of Artificial Intelligence of Jinan University, Chairman of the High Advisory Committee of CAAI, President of the International Society for Information Research (2021-2023), and recipient of the Wu Wenjun Award for Achievement in Artificial Intelligence Science and Technology. His research interests are information science and basic theory of artificial intelligence research. His main publications include Principles of Advanced Artificial Intelligence, Mechanistic Theory of Artificial Intelligence, etc.

Lecture Title:

Paradigm Revolution of Artificial Intelligence


Jiao Licheng 

Foreign academicians of the European Academy of Sciences 

Dean and professor of Artificial Intelligence Research Institute of Xi'an University of Electronic Science and technology 


Personal profile:

Outstanding professor of Xi'an University of Electronic Science and technology, director of the Department of computer science and technology, President of the Institute of artificial intelligence, director of the Key Laboratory of intelligent perception and image understanding of the Ministry of education, member of the Department of science and Technology Commission of the Ministry of education, expert of the artificial intelligence technology innovation expert group of the Ministry of education, the first batch of people selected into the national hundred and ten million talent project (Level 1 and 2), head of the innovation team of the Yangtze River scholars program of the Ministry of education The chairman of the "the Belt and Road" artificial intelligence innovation alliance, the chairman of the Shaanxi artificial intelligence industry technology innovation strategic alliance, the sixth and seventh vice chairmen of the Chinese artificial intelligence society, and the caa/cie/ccf fellow have been selected into the list of cited scholars of elseviergo for seven consecutive years. His main research interests include intelligent perception and quantum computing, image understanding and target recognition, deep learning and brain like computing. He has won the second prize of National Natural Science Award, wuwenjun outstanding contribution award of artificial intelligence, HuoYingDong young teacher award, the title of national model teacher, China Youth Science and Technology Award and more than 10 science and technology awards above the first prize of provincial and ministerial level. 

Lecture topic:

The challenge and thinking of brain like perception and cognition

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