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In order to commend the members who have made certain achievements in the field of artificial intelligence and have made significant contributions to the development of CAAI, according to the Provisions of the Articles of CAAI and the Measures for the Selection of CAAI Senior Members, CAAI organized the selection of senior members in April this year, and 13 members were successfully promoted to senior level. Congratulations to the new group of senior members!


List of new CAAI senior members in 2022

Sort by phonetic initials of last names


No.     Name                                      Department

1      Zhigang CHEN         IFLYTEK Co., Ltd

2     Baofu FANG              Hefei Polytechnic University

3     Dunwei GONG          China University of Mining and Technology

4     Xiuyi JIA                    Nanjing University of Technology

5     Wenxiong KANG       South China University of Technology

6      Lin LI                        Beijing Chinese Online Education Technology Co., Ltd

7     Xiong LUO                Beijing University of Science and Technology

8     Desheng LV              Harbin Institute of Technology

9     Shiguang SHAN       Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences

10   Shijin WANG            IFLYTEK Co., Ltd

11   Tao XIE                    Peking University

12   Wenwu ZHU            Tsinghua University

13   Hengshu ZHU          Baidu, Inc

Q&A About senior member selection

Q1 What are the conditions for senior members to participate in the evaluation?

Those who have more than five years of continuous CAAI membership (those with outstanding achievements and contributions are not subject to this restriction), and meet one of the following conditions:

1. technical experts and managers who have made important contributions or have rich practical experience in the field of artificial intelligence industry, university and research area;

2. have published important papers or works at home and abroad;

3. hold important positions in R & D or management positions and achieve good performance;

4. have made remarkable achievements in the field of artificial intelligence services;

5. make significant contributions to the development of CAAI.

Q2 How often are senior members selected?

Twice a year.

Q3 What is the process of senior member review?

Submit the application form to CAAI within the specified time for evaluation, and two members or senior members shall recommend it; CAAI will establish a senior member review expert committee to review all senior member candidates who submit application materials, and the review results will be publicized through CAAI’s official website and WeChat official account.

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