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On the occasion of the Sixth National Science and technology workers' day, the CAAI cloud Forum (Hangzhou station), sponsored by the CAAI and hosted by the CAAI artificial intelligence logic Special Committee (Preparatory) and the Institute of digital rule of law of Zhejiang University, will be held on the morning of May 28, 2022. With the theme of "artificial intelligence logic and application", this cloud forum invited well-known experts and entrepreneurs from industry, University and research institutes to conduct in-depth exchanges and discussions on hot issues related to artificial intelligence logic and application, so as to further help the technological innovation and application of a new generation of artificial intelligence.

Guest profile

Honorary chairman


Lu Ruqian

Academician of CAS

Researcher of Academy of mathematics and Systems Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences 

Personal profile:

He is the winner of the highest achievement award of Wu Wenjun artificial intelligence, is a professor of Fudan University. It mainly studies artificial intelligence, knowledge engineering and knowledge-based software engineering.

Honorary chairman


Xie Weixin

Professor of Shenzhen University

Personal profile:

He is former president of Shenzhen University, an expert with outstanding contributions from the state. It mainly studies signal processing and target recognition, intelligent information processing, intelligent human-computer interaction, intelligent sensor network system and so on. He has successively served as the director of the signal processing special committee of Chinese Institute of Electronics, the director of the multi valued logic and fuzzy logic special committee of China Computer Federation, the responsible Editorial Committee of China Science (Information Science), the deputy editor in chief of Electronic Journal (English version), the chief editor of signal processing, and the leader of the discipline evaluation group of the National Natural Science Foundation of China.

Xiong Minghui 

Qiushi distinguished professor of Zhejiang University

Personal profile:

He is a leading liberal arts talent of Guanghua Law School of Zhejiang University and a candidate of the "New Century Excellent Talent Plan" of the Ministry of education. The main research fields are legal logic, legal informatics and so on. He is vice president of the Chinese Association of Logic, deputy director of CAAI member service working committee, standing member of computational law branch of China Computer Federation, and editorial board member of argumentation. His representative works include litigation demonstration: logical analysis of litigation game, etc.

Jia Jing

Dean of Baode Modern Industrial Institute of Artificial Intelligence

Personal profile:

She is the chief consultant of China enterprise talent development think tank, senior economic consultant of many governments and visiting professor of many famous universities. The main research fields are organizational digital transformation and empowerment, strategic human resource management, organizational innovation and change leadership, enterprise talent training and social responsibility sustainable development. She has successively served as director of technical and Economic Research Institute of China Datang Group, President of Datang University of Datang Telecom Technology Industry Group, director and vice president of Zhongshi group, executive vice president of Konka Group Co., Ltd.


Cao Cungen

Researcher of Institute of computing technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Personal profile:

He is the winner of the "Hundred Talents Program" of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. He has mainly engaged in large-scale knowledge processing, natural language understanding and knowledge service. It has obtained 12 national invention patents. He has won the special prize of the paper of Information Committee of China Association of Integrative Traditional Chinese Medicine and Chinese Medicine Information Digitization Committee of China Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine Information Research. FCS, editorial board member of computer science and agricultural big data. His representative works include "knowledge acquisition for experts" and so on.

Chen Yixiang

Professor of East China Normal University

Personal profile:

He is the former director of Shanghai Shuguang software and hardware engineering research center. He has mainly engaged in the basic research on the credibility of intelligent systems. Deputy director of the Special Committee on fuzzy system and fuzzy mathematics of Chinese Society for Systems Science and vice president of Shanghai Zhangjiang Internet of things Association. He has won the first prize of Natural Science Award of the Ministry of education and the first prize of Beijing Science and technology progress award. His representative works include the stability domain theory of formal semantics and the specification for software credibility measurement, evaluation and enhancement.

Liu fenrong

Professor of Tsinghua University

Personal profile:

She is the candidate of national major talent program, Chair Professor of Amsterdam University and director of Tsinghua University Amsterdam University Logic joint research center. It mainly studies in dynamic preference logic, social subjectivity research, artificial intelligence logic, etc. She once won the first prize of the seventh excellent scientific achievements of colleges and universities of the Ministry of education. She is vice president of Chinese Association of Logic, visiting professor of language and information research center of Stanford University, deputy editor in chief of Studia Logica, deputy editor in chief of history of humanity and editorial board member of Synthese. Representative works include reasoning about preference dynamics.

Weng Jialiang

Founder / President of AIII International Institute of artificial intelligence

Personal profile:

He advocate people-oriented sustainable artificial intelligence. Founder / CEO of origami, distinguished professor of SUTD University of technology and design in Singapore, expert member of the national artificial intelligence standard overall group of the Ministry of industry and information technology, international strategic consultant and expert of waic world artificial intelligence conference, scientific and technological ecological expert and advocate of switch x SFF in Singapore, and former fifth generation computer AI scientist of MCC Research Institute in the United States.

May 28, 2022

8:30-12:00 am

Chinese Association for Artificial Intelligence

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