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According to the regulations for the evaluation method of fellows of the Chinese Association for Artificial Intelligence, the nomination of candidates for fellows of the CAAI in 2022 will start today. The nomination requirements and arrangements for candidates of the association are hereby notified as follows:


1、 Candidatures for fellows

Candidates for fellows must meet the following conditions at the same time:

(1)It has made outstanding achievements and innovative contributions in scientific research and Technological Development in the field of artificial intelligence at home and abroad.

(2)The scientific research achievements have played a leading role in AI related industries, or the papers published in high-level journals or conferences have had a wide academic impact at home and abroad.

(3)He has more than five years of senior membership (unlimited for those who have made outstanding contributions to the association), has always cared about and supported the work of the association, and has made outstanding contributions to the construction of the association.

2、 Nomination of candidates for fellows

(1)The nomination system is adopted for the selection of fellows of the association, and the candidates for fellows must be nominated by other people than the nominees. Each candidate for fellows must be nominated by three nominees.

(2)Members of the association are effective nominees, and each nominee shall nominate no more than two members each year.

(3)The nominees of the association must fill in the nomination form of the association candidate of the CAAI (see Annex).

3、 Accreditation procedures of fellows

The fellow evaluation committee reviews the qualifications and nomination procedures of the nominees. If they meet the requirements, the nomination will be established, and the nominees will be determined as formal candidates, and the materials will be submitted to the membership evaluation expert committee for evaluation and selection in accordance with the membership evaluation measures of CAAI. The results of the selection will be publicized on the CAAI's website for five working days; If there is no objection, he is officially elected as a member of the CAAI.

4、 Material submission

The nominees are requested to fill in and sign the nomination form for candidates of CAAI and send it to the office of the Working Committee for membership evaluation before May 31, 2022, e-mail: zhb@caai.cn 。

If you have any questions during the nomination process, please consult the office of the membership evaluation committee.

Contact: Jia Xiaoli

Tel: 010-82686686

Email: zhb@caai.cn

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