• 2024-03-04 Monday

In order to commend the advanced, establish a model, and further encourage the majority of the members of the Revolutionary Committee of The Chinese Kuomintang to better fight for the new era and forge ahead in a new journey, the Central Committee of theRevolutionary Committee of The Chinese Kuomintang launched the selection and commendation activities of the role models of The Revolutionary Committee of The Chinese Kuomintang. After the recommendation of relevant parties of the central government and provincial organizations, the announcement of candidates, and the voting of the review meeting, the chairman's office of the central committee decided to award and commend 20 comrades including academician Dai Qionghai, chairman of CAAI, with the honorary title of “Role Model of the Revolutionary Committee of The Chinese Kuomintang ”. Here, we pay tribute to every role model who has won this honor!


A leader in the field of artificial intelligence

Dai Qionghai

Dean of School of Information Science and Technology, Tsinghua University,

Dean and Professor of the School of Brain and Cognitive Sciences

Counselor of the State Council; Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering

Deputy Director of the Committee of Education, Science, Culture, Health and Sports of The Revolutionary Committee of The Chinese Kuomintang

Changjiang Scholars Distinguished Professor

Based on the country’s major needs, he bravely climbed the world’s scientific and technological peaks, leading the international frontier with a number of original innovations in cross-fields, and made outstanding contributions to the development of artificial intelligence in our country. He led the team to develop the mesoscopic brain observation instrument with the largest data throughput in the world so far, and with practical actions to fulfill the oath to “build a world science center and innovation highland for China”.



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