• 2024-03-04 Monday

Recently, in the activities of 2021 selections on the platform of the home of science and technology workers, CAAI ranked the second in the "most influential organization" selection with 534,865 votes. Approved by the Research and Publicity Department of the China Association of Science and Technology, it won the second place in the "most influential organization". In 2022, CAAI will, as always, unite more intelligent science and technology workers, continue to exert its influence and contribute to the realization of high-level scientific and technological self-reliance.


The Chinese Association for Artificial Intelligence (CAAI) was founded in 1981. It is now the only national-level academic association in the field of intelligence science and technology, officially authorized by the Ministry of Civil Affairs in China. The CAAI is also a four-star (AAAA) social organization, affiliated to the Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications. It is an official member of the China Association for Science and Technology and entitled to recommend academicians to the two academies in China (the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Engineering).

Currently, the CAAI has 52 branches, including 43 professional committees and 9 working committees in the fields of intelligence science and technology. We are responsible for organizing academic activities or events all over China, such as academic research, domestic and international academic exchange, the popularization of science and technology, academic education, science and technology exhibitions, scholarly publishing, talent recommendation, academic evaluation, academic consultation, technology assessment and rewarding. We are devoted to the advancement of intelligence science and technology in China, providing intelligent service for supporting our nation’s economic, social and cultural development, as well as our national security.   

In recent years, the society has been accelerating its pace towards a first-class society with Chinese characteristics. Build an international exchange and cooperation platform through academic exchanges, talent training and recommendation activities; Through the White Book Series and volumes of books about Robots and Artificial Intelligence,we are in line with international standards; Promote the transformation, popularization and application of scientific and technological achievements by organizing the appraisal of achievements and the evaluation of technical standards; Through the evaluation of science and technology awards, we will carry forward the spirit of scientists in the new era and show the good spirit of scientific and technological workers.

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