• 2021-05-07 Friday

The 2021 Global Artificial Intelligence Technology Conference (GAITC 2021) sponsored by CAAI will be held in Hangzhou from May 29th to 30th. The conference has been refurbished and upgraded. It integrates conferences, exhibitions, and competitions, and creates a comprehensive platform with seamless link to the global power of Artificial Intelligence and three-dimensional presentation of the advanced intelligent technology innovation, which will provide guests with a new experience of "listening, seeing, playing and talking".


Gathering intelligence and strength, Chinese and foreign experts take the pulse of the future

During the two-days conference, eight academic and industry leaders, including academician  Qionghai Dai, academician Michael Jordan, academician Zongben Xu, academician Zhaohui Wu, academician Chunjiang Zhao, academician Wendy hall, Chairman Qingfeng Liu and Dr. Yuan Qi, will respectively present their theme reports.

The guests will make in-depth analysis from the world pattern of Artificial Intelligence, national development policies, technological advanced innovation, industrial application status and opportunities and challenges faced by the future development, share the latest research results and views, and lead a new journey of intelligent industry.

Following the trend, the conference has been upgraded in an all-round way

At the National People's Congress and the Chinese Political Consultative Conference this year, not only the representatives from the science and technology field submitted a series of Artificial Intelligence proposals, but many representatives from the universities and local governments have also devoted themselves to the innovation and development of Artificial Intelligence. With the digital economy becoming the key content of the "14th Five-Year Plan" and the 2035 long-term goal, artificial intelligence has a greater advantage and wider space.

Facing the new situation and new opportunities, the 2021 Global Artificial Intelligence Technology Conference will take advantage of the trend and make full efforts. In addition to the upgrading of the content section, the specifications and scale of the guests have reached new heights. More than 20 Chinese and foreign academicians are invited to gather in Hangzhou, attracting more than 100 academic and technological leaders in various fields to talk about the innovation. 

During the conference, 20 special forums will be held, as well as 5 simultaneous activities of "The First Global Artificial Intelligence Technology Innovation Competition", "The 2021 Global Artificial Intelligence Technology Expo", "CAAI International Artificial Intelligence Conference", "The 6th Forum of National College of Artificial Intelligence Dean/Department" and the "CAAI Academic Development and Academic Journal Construction Seminar"  to comprehensively discuss the integration of artificial intelligence and the industry,promote the global technology exchange and industrial innovation.

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