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CAAI Cloud Forum (Nanjing) |AI+ Industry Application and Development Forum and Innovation Dialogue of Overseas Partners in Nanjing Innovation Week

2020 Nanjing Innovation Week will be held in Nanjing during 22-26, June. With the theme of “Understanding The City Innovation” as its theme, this Innovation Week focuses on “Innovation With High Value, Development With High Quality and Life With High Level”, aiming “Normalization of Pandemic Prevention and Control & Networking of Innovation and Development”. With the connectivity at home and abroad and the speaking at wide range, a thoughtful, warm and effective Innovation Week will be built up. In order to better cooperate with the activities of Nanjing Innovation Week, the “AI+ Industry Application and Development Forum and Innovation Dialogue of Overseas Partners in Nanjing Innovation Week”, jointly sponsored by CAAI, the Propaganda Department of CPC  Jianye District Committee and the Management Committee of Nanjing Eco-Tech Island Economic Development Zone, Jiangsu Province, will be held on 24, June.

This forum would focus on the industrial application and development of artificial intelligence, lead the industrial upgrading through the application of AI technology and boost the economic development through innovation and creation. Guests from well-known universities and enterprises at home and abroad are welcomed to be here and discuss the development and opportunities of artificial intelligence industry.


Guest Speakers

Zhigang Chen

Deputy Secretary-General of CAAI, Vice President of Research Institute of IFLYTEK

Zhigang Chen, the Ph.D. of University of Science and Technology of China, Vice President of Research Institute of IFLYTEK, Director and Deputy Secretary-General of CAAI.

He conducts the research in speech synthesis, speech recognition, natural language processing and speech interaction and has years of commercialized experience. He is the founder and chief engineer of the full duplex interactive technology of IFLYTEK. Dr. Chen is in charge of research of Cognitive Intelligence Technology of IFLYTEK currently, whose related work achievements have been applied in many industries such as smart customer service, smart cars, household appliances, education, medical treatment and so on.  


Xinyu Dai

Deputy Dean and Professor of School of Artificial Intelligence, Nanjing University

Xinyu Dai is the consulting expert of Jiangsu Provincial Government Investment Fund. He currently mainly engages in the related research work such as text mining, smart Q&A, emotional analysis, recommendation system and so on. He has published more than 40 papers in top international conferences and journals, has more than 10 invention patent authorizations, and has hosted many national, provincial and cooperative research projects between enterprises and undertakings.


Junkai Wang

General Manager, Dean and Senior Engineer of Jiangsu Saisheng Information Technology Research Institute, National Industrial Information Security Development Research Center 

Junkai Wang is responsible for the management of the Saisheng Laboratory of National Intelligence Voice and Image Recognition Product Quality Inspection Center, the Artificial Intelligence Security and Integration Development Laboratory and the Saisheng Laboratory of the Adaption and Verification of National Domestic Key Software and Hardware. In recent years, he has mainly carried out research in the fields of artificial intelligence, industrial Internet logo analysis and industrial big data applications. He has hosted and undertaken more than 50 research and construction projects of industrial Internet and digital transformation in major fields. His work is also involved in the fields of smart manufacturing, digital factories, financial bonds and so on.


Hong Lu

Deputy Director of the Management Committee of Nanjing Eco-Tech Island Economic Development Zone, Jiangsu Province, Senior International Business Engineer 

Hong Lu once served as the deputy director of the Management Committee of Nanjing Xincheng Sci-Tech Park and the deputy director of the Bureau of Science and Technology in Jianye District, so he has extensive experience of investment and management. Now, he is mainly responsible for the investment promotion, economic development and the talent introduction work of the Eco-Tech Island Economic Development Zone.


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