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The 7th National Intelligent Manufacturing Academic Conference sponsored by the CAAI, and co-sponsored by the CAAI intelligent manufacturing committee and the Huaqiao University, will be held in Xiamen from November 6 to 9,2020 with the theme of "the frontiers and applications of intelligent manufacturing".

The conference will invite authoritative academic and business representatives to report on the conference, and organize a number of sub-conference reports. Representatives from the academic and business communities of intelligent manufacturing are welcome to participate in the conference to discuss the cutting-edge technologies and best practices in the field of intelligent manufacturing and share ideas.

The conference coincides with the 60th anniversary of Huaqiao University. We sincerely invite industry experts and scholars to attend this conference.

I. Conference organization

Chairman: Han DING, Xipeng XU

Conference Academic Committee:

Chairman: Bin LI

Members: Ganwei CAI, Diansheng CHEN, Zhiyi CHENG, Dapeng FAN, Xinjian GU, Hanwu HE, Qingxi HU, Xudong HU, Yefa HU, Minghui HUANG, Pei HUANG, shiming JI, Hanhong JIANG, Pingyu JIANG, Bin LI, Hanxiong LI, Li Shaobo, Shengpin LI, Tiejun LI, Wenfeng LI, Yan LI, Jiang LIU, Quanguo LU, Lixin MA, Shunqi MEI, Fangyu PENG, Jingcheng SHAO, Ronglei SUN, Yuanqiang TAN, Min TANG, Xingdong WANG, Bo WU, Guanghui YANG, Dinghua ZHANG, Jie ZHANG, Xianmin ZHANG,Yi ZHANG, Jie ZHAO,  Yanwei ZHAO, yuning ZHONG.

Secretary: Yuanqiang TAN (concurrently)

Organizing Committee of the conference: Hui HUANG,Ronglei SUN, Li WANG(F) , Feng JIANG, Guoqin HUANG, Yanfen JIANG, Erli CAI.

Organizer: Chinese Association for Artificial Intelligence (CAAI)

Co-organizer: CAAI Intelligent Manufacturing Committee, Huaqiao University

National Local Joint Engineering Research Center for Smart Manufacturing Technology of Brittle materials products, CODESYS Software System Beijing Co. , Ltd. , Wuhan Zhixin Technology Co. , Ltd. (e-works)

Time: November 6-9, 2020

Venue: Xiamen city, Fujian Province

II. Conference theme (including but not limited to the following themes)

1. Theme 1: Intelligent manufacturing System

2. Theme 2: Robot and additive manufacturing

3. Theme 3: Digital manufacturing

4. Theme 4: Digital twinning and process optimization

5. Theme 5: Intelligent manufacturing specialty construction and talent training

III. Conference report and submission

Keynote report and invitation report will be prepared for the conference, and a separate venue will be set up.

For conference submission, please email: im_hqu@126.com

During the conference, there will be "youth - scholars face to face" and special technical exchange activities.

IV. Important date of the conference

1. Notice of the Meeting: release the notice of the meeting on June 12, 2020.

2. Abstract submission: before September 1, 2020

3. Full submission: before 1 October 2020

4. Conference registration: from September 8, 2020

5. Paper publishing: the conference will recommend excellent papers to be published in professional journals.

Summaries will be produced during the meeting for delegates to exchange.

6. Date

Conference: November 7 ~ 8,2020

technology visit and exchange: November 9,2020

V. Paper evaluation and award

Excellent student papers will be selected at this conference, and the participants should meet the following conditions:

(1) Post-graduate student (proof of registration is required) ;

(2) First author of the academic paper submitted;

(3) Papers will be presented at the meeting.

All graduate students are welcome to participate actively.

VI. Receipt of the conference

Delegates are requested to send the conference receipt to:


VII. Contact

Qiang YUAN, Huaqiao University

E-mail: tanyq@hqu.edu.cn


Feng JIANG, Huaqiao University

E-mail: jiangfeng@hqu.edu.cn



VIII. For more conference registration, attendance receipt and hotel reservation details, please click the attachment to download and fill in.


CAAI Intelligent Manufacturing Professional Committee


Attachment1. 第七届全国智能制造学术会议(NCIM’2020)暨智能制造专业委员会工作会议通知.doc

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