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This "White Paper on Machine Game" is the continuation and deepening of the promotion and popularization of machine game. To this end, the committee invited experts in this field to co-author. First, it introduces the development process of the machine game. the domestic and foreign competitions, typical game technology and competition platforms, and then combines related chess types to introduce various special game techniques, including chess games with complete information, and incomplete information card game search algorithm, as well as the most advanced AlphaGo deep learning algorithm, the latest bridge and Texas Hold 'Em game algorithm etc. 

The industrialization prospect of machine game is also very impressive. The success of AlphaGo indicates that artificial intelligence has entered a new stage, and deep learning algorithms have been widely valued and applied in various fields. The colorful game search algorithm can undoubtedly be applied to various situations facing decision-making optimization. With the continuous improvement of search algorithms for incomplete information games and random environment games, it will also be applied in wargames and strategic, campaign and tactical games. Game is an omnipresent content in human economy, politics, military, counter-terrorism, haze control, and daily life. The concept and technology of machine game are bound to be very useful.



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