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The Sixth Chinese Intelligent Industrial Summit Forum- Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality was held at the Empark Hotel in Hefei,Anhui Province, on September 24 in 2016. Comperes of the forum are Zhenjiang Dong, managing director of the Chinese Association for Artificial Intelligence(CAAI), vice director of ZTE Corporation Cloud Computing and IT Institute, and Peng CAO, director of the Intelligent Media Specialized Committee of the CAAI. Both of them

have shared some achievements in recent years with some outstanding persons, who are Jun HE, Sales director of Hiscene (Shanghai) information technology co., LTD, Jianming XIONG, the founder of NEOBEAR, Kunlun ZU, the Pico Market VP, Linkun LIU co-founder of Beijing Gewek Technology co. LTD, and Hao XIE, national product director of Vistandard Digital Technology Co. , Ltd, as well as Dongdong WENG, associate researcher at Beijing Institute of Technology. All of them interpreted the current virtual reality and augmented reality technology, and analyzed the prospect of the future market, which become a big attraction of this forum.

At the beginning of 2016, VR rose rapidly in the market and became a great attraction in the whole industry and even the society. The appearance of wearable devices caused a sensation in the whole world. VR experience halls, VR Internet cafes and so on were quickly launched across the country and deeply sought after by the public. The emergence of Pokemon Go has pushed AR to a climax, so that the world's players are immersed in the charm of the game with AR, and even the game server was once overwhelmed.

Therefore, this year is also known as “the first year of virtual reality and augmented reality”, VR and AR have quickly become popular and attracted many companies to participate in it. Both device manufacturers and content producers are constantly exploring this new industry. The Sixth Chinese Intelligent Industrial Summit Forum- Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality gathered leading enterprises, famous experts and professors in the industry to discuss the VR and AR market through five topics, and launched a unique virtual reality journey.


The road of AR industry of Hiscene (Shanghai) information technology co., LTD,

If the success of Pokemon Go is contingent, then the AR industry is universal. From Hiscene (Shanghai) information technology co., LTD. Sales director Jun HE at the scene said: “AR industry at present, there are a lot of imagination, but AR industry has just started, We also have a lot of investment in AR Industry, we think whether it's maintenance training, equipment inspection including the safety prevention and escape, there are a lot of application space in the AR industry.”

Jun HE believed that AR is actually a way of life in the future, but in our industry, we mentioned that the future is actually a terrible thing. How far AR is from us, AR is at an inflection point now, and it will enter the stage of steady climb.

In addition, Hiscene (Shanghai) information technology co., LTD also shows the SLAM technology and its latest achievements SLAM, the mature of 3 d reconstruction for AR whole application of customer perception and the application of innovation bring more points, SLAM technology would be out of the recognition of images, through the recognition of planar construct a three dimensional space, can overlay virtual scene in three-dimensional space, can be arbitrarily build in space with arbitrary interaction, the company has transplanted the technology to mobile phones.

It can be said that the innovation brought by Hiscene can drive the development of VR/AR market and promote the industry...

NEOBEAR leads the new trend of AR early childhood education

In essence, AR is not a subversion of tradition, but an enhancement. As a focus on the field of children and early childhood education cubs neo, its use of technical advantages for the early childhood education industry has brought too much difference. Jianming Xiong, the founder of NEOBEAR, believes that the products NEOBEAR is making now are to let children stand in front of the gate of the future, which is a very meaningful thing, and parents are also willing to accept such products.   The future is an era of artificial intelligence, artificial intelligence is actually an entrance, AR technology is of great significance to children. We grew up in the era of mouse and keyboard input, in the past many years, the computer to achieve the function of listening, and AR now gives the computer to see the function, these contents will be the key to constitute the future of artificial intelligence.

Is VR all-in-one a transitional product?

We have been saying that 2016 is the first year of VR. In fact, what we want to say is the first year of VR. The first year means an early market. At present, VR technology relies more on PC or mobile phone, but both of them have some disadvantages, such as PC is not portable enough and mobile phone cannot be used for a long time.

Therefore, the Pico Market VP Kunlun ZU believed: “VR has to stand on its own. It should no longer be dependent on the computing power of a PC or the computing power of a mobile phone.”

He pointed out that in the next two to three years, we believe that as a whole, we want PC and VR to bring you the real experience of VR, finally converged on the all-in-one product forms, I believe that as companies like Google invest, the coming round is moving the outbreak of the VR, and it won’t be too late.

It can be said that VR is now in its infancy, and its future development still needs the continuous efforts of major manufacturers. I believe that in the future, the all-in-one VR machine will become another hot spot, bringing us a brand new experience, or better than the current experience. 

Beijing Gewek Technology co. LTD creates a virtual reality content platform

In fact, for the VR industry in its infancy, content is always a scarce resource. Although the hardware has been put in place, what we have seen or played is still rare. Therefore, the output and platform development of content are also the path for VR development.

As a typical content platform of virtual reality, Gewek has been committed to the output of VR content, and at the same time, it has obtained that a lot of content has the distribution right, and the content industry has the distribution right to send to various channels.

Linkun LU, the co-founder of Beijing Gewek Technology co. LTD introduced on the scene that the production of video content is relatively simple in the VR industry for the output of content, but the game is very troublesome, because once entering the interaction is not only the display link, involving real-time computing, interaction and so on. We spent a lot of time and work on this. But we must serve for the content, at the same time grafts the hardware, guarantees the hardware content adaptation.

I have to say, for the VR industry, every content is hard-won. We believe that there are companies like Gewek, and we can experience more content in VR in the future.

Scene application is also the key to the development of VR industry

Virtual reality has actually developed for many years. In recent years, the progress of virtual reality technology itself is limited. The reason why more people pay attention to it is that virtual reality is applied in the industry. “The next stage is not so much the rapid development of virtual reality itself, but the virtualization of all traditional industries,”said Dongdong WENG, associate researcher at Beijing Institute of Technology.

At the same time, Mr Weng also brought demonstration of VR application in the theme park. We can combine the real experience and virtual reality in the theme park, so that people can enjoy the special charm brought by technology in the traditional theme park, which is also a completely different experience.

VR perspective in the age of intelligence

As one of the earliest VR enterprises, Vistandard Digital Technology Co. , Ltd, technology has been taking virtual reality as its main business since its establishment in 2002. In 2005, it began to launch its own virtual reality software brand to provide users with tools for rapid production and release of content, and has made great efforts in the traditional VR field. It can be said that it has not only witnessed and participated in the development of VR industry, but also will become the main force of VR development in the future.

During the forum, Hao XIE, national product director of Vistandard Digital Technology Co. Ltd, also deeply interpreted the VR perspective in the era of intelligence and shared it from multiple aspects, including the overall solution of its latest holographic classroom.

The Sixth Chinese Intelligent Industrial Summit Forum- Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality in 2016 gave a perfect ending.


It can be said that virtual reality and augmented reality forum let us have a deeper understanding of the impact of VR and AR, as well as the position in the future. At present, VR and AR are extremely hot topics, I believe that driven by these enterprises and experts, VR and AR will present a more perfect performance in the future, at the same time, can also bring a new experience for some industries...

The Sixth Chinese Intelligent Industrial Summit Forum- Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality has come to a perfect conclusion now. In this forum, we see the cutting-edge technology in the intelligent industry, and also appreciate the key points of the development of artificial intelligence, but also see the intelligent development of various ndustries.

This year marks the 60th anniversary of artificial intelligence and the opening year of China’s 13th five-year plan. The sixth Chinese Intelligent Industrial Summit Forum- Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality is the best interpretation of the current intelligent industry, which has great guiding significance for the intelligent industry and has become one of the keys to promote the development of the intelligent industry.



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