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About the training course:

In the 21st century, the Internet and cloud computing are widely used, social computing and intelligent computing have developed greatly, and sharing, interaction and group intelligence have changed the way of life of human beings. The cognitive uncertainty leads to the uncertainty of network information interaction, storage and processing. Natural language understanding, emotional computing, deep learning, machine intelligence and so on all indicate that the era of uncertain artificial intelligence has come. How to solve the gap between data and concepts, data model and cognitive model in big data processing? Li Deyi academicians as early as 1995 has put forward the concept of qualitative and quantitative data of the bidirectional conversion between cognitive model - cloud model, through continuous development, formed the uncertainty theory and method of artificial intelligence research, in 2004 the first edition of the publication of uncertainty in artificial intelligence, and won the state general administration of press and publication of the original one hundred excellent book award.

In 2014, with the publication of the second edition of uncertain artificial intelligence, under the joint organization of the Chinese association for artificial intelligence and the Chinese society for command and control, academician Li Deyi's team carried out the course teaching and training of uncertain artificial intelligence for colleges and universities across the country. The first training course was held from January 17 to 19, 2015. This workshop will focus on cognitive physics methods and their applications, which consist of cloud models and data fields. The instructors of the training class are all core experts in the field of current cloud model research, and their teaching contents cover cloud model, cloud generator algorithm, cloud model mathematical properties, cloud transformation, cloud reasoning and cloud control, inverted pendulum, data field, clustering analysis, and the research and application of topological potential. During the course, we will arrange sufficient time for discussion and answer questions so that students and tutors can interact with each other. The teaching assistants will also conduct step-by-step practical guidance to provide practical help for students.

This training is open to relevant personnel from universities, scientific research institutes and companies. I believe you will benefit a lot from this training.

We sincerely welcome your participation and look forward to meeting you in Beijing!

Course arrangement:

Training time: January 17, 2015 solstice 19

Registration time: 14:00-17:00, January 16, 2015

Registration: please send the receipt of "uncertain artificial intelligence" course teaching training course to :xyzhang@tsinghua.edu.cn.

Registration place: 118th floor, Beijing university of posts and telecommunications

Practice operation preparation: please bring your own laptop, Microsoft Windows system, more than 2G of memory, more than 10G of the remaining disk space, and the installation of common software Matlab. We also help students configure the system environment and install the software during registration.

Registration and payment:

Fee payable: RMB 2000 / person, including training fee, material fee, meal fee, and other expenses; For units with limited funds, they can apply for fee reduction and exemption (please be sure to provide the application for fee reduction and exemption with the company's seal at that time).

Payment method: accept wire transfer payment or on-site registration payment

Account name: China association of artificial intelligence

Bank account number: 0200 0029 0920 0166 203

Bank: Beijing xinjiekou branch of industrial and commercial bank of China

Please make sure to note in the message: "uncertain ai 2015_ unit", otherwise the remittance information cannot be verified.


(1) due to the audit difficulty of alipay, please do not use alipay for remittance.

(2) after remittance, please complete the registration and remittance information receipt form in the attachment according to the format, and email: xyzhang@tsinghua.edu.cn, we will issue an invoice according to the invoice title (the content is "conference fee registration fee" or "conference fee"), and if you have any questions, please contact us in time by email.

(3) after the registration and payment information is verified, the successful registration will be confirmed by email.

(4) due to the shortage of accommodation resources nearBeijing University of Posts and Telecommunications(BUPT), please deal with the accommodation in time.


Chen Guisheng: 18611990635

Liu Yuchao: 15600089349

Zhang Xinyu: 13381195632 xyzhang@tsinghua.edu.cn


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