• 2021-03-02 Tuesday

“CAAI-AIDL”, hosted by CAAI, aims to focus on the basic theories, latest developments and direction of a specific field in a short period of time, and promotes a platform for exchanges between industry, academia and research practitioners. It is of great significance for masters, doctors, young teachers, relevant practitioners of enterprises and institutions, and fans who want to transfer to the AI field. The AIDL series has been successfully held in two sessions and the response has been enthusiastic.

Theme of the third session

Big Data: from Theory to Application

AIDL3 "Big Data: From Theory to Application" was hosted by the Chinese Association for Artificial Intelligence (CAAI). Cheng Xueqi, The vice director of the Institute of Computing Technology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, was appointed as the academic director. More than ten famous scholars in the field were invited as specially invited reporters. Participants will not only be able to acquire the concentrated instructions by the experts on the basics and latest developments of their respective fields, but also the opportunity to interact with these top experts.


Shenzhen University,Shenzhen

May 12th-May 14th

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