• 2023-06-05 Monday

Recently, the first AI challenge of “Tianchi Cup” Tech Youth AI Pilot Program for National Primary and Secondary Schools (hereinafter referred to as “Tech Youth AI Program”) was successfully held. It was initiated by CAAI and co-organized by Alibaba Cloud and the CAAI Committee for Primary and Secondary Schools.

Among the 15,973 applicants of this AI challenge, 520 high-ranked contestants in the beginner challenge entered the advanced challenge, where top 10 contestants in the second-round ranking entered the final oral defense. In the final, the top five contestants were awarded the gold, silver, and bronze prizes, while contestants ranked 6th-10th won the winning prizes.


The final oral defense invited Prof. Dou Zhicheng, deputy dean of Gaoling School of Artificial Intelligence Renmin University of China, Prof. Chen Wenbai, deputy dean of School of Automation, Beijing Information Science and Technology University, Wu Di, deputy secretary-general of the CAAI Committee for Primary and Secondary Schools and senior teacher of the High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China, Xing Shaomin, R&D leader of OpenSearch,Chen Boli, head of the address algorithm of Alibaba DAMO Academy, and Chen Mosha, senior algorithm expert of Alibaba Cloud Tianchi. They reviewed and offered guidance to contestants’ topic comprehension and completeness and innovation of their plans.



Through knowledge popularization and practice, the Tech Youth AI Plan pushes forward the development of AI education in remote areas, alleviates the challenge of unbalanced science and technology educational resources, and promotes educational equity.

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