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Recently, the “24th China Robot and Artificial Intelligence Competition” sponsored by CAAI and Cixi Municipal People’s Government was officially launched. As one of the sub-tracks of the competition, the “Baidu Apollo City Road Autonomous Driving Virtual Simulation Competition” also officially opened.


This competition topic is based on the real industry practice case of Baidu Apollo. It focuses on the driving scene of autonomous vehicles on urban roads, and conducts research on autonomous driving software algorithms. The vehicle dynamics model and map environment used in the competition are provided by Baidu Apollo. According to the requirements of the competition, the development and testing of software algorithms shall be carried out based on the local competition environment. After the test is completed, the code shall be submitted to the ApolloStudio online evaluation system for evaluation according to the rules. The establishment of this event aims to train students' ability to develop and debug autonomous driving software algorithms, and to provide a training platform for cultivating innovative and comprehensive talents in the industry.


1. Competition arrangement:

Registration time: April 7th - May 30th

Completion time of provincial competitions (qualifiers): June 1st - June 30th

National competition (final) completion time: late July


2. Competition registration process:

This competition is an online competition. Participants are requested to complete the following two channels for double registration. After the double registration is approved, the registration is deemed successful and can enter the competition.

● Channel 1: Official website of China Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Competition (http://www.caairobot.com)

● Channel 2: Baidu Apollo City Road Autonomous Driving Virtual Simulation Official Website (https://apollo.auto/devcenter/gameOperations_cn.html), please be sure to register through the PC terminal.


Notes: If the registration information of the dual channels is inconsistent, the final registration information review will be subject to the Organizing Committee. Baidu Apollo registration is only used for functions such as the download of competition-related materials and the release of code evaluation lists. Please pay attention to the information announced on the official website of the event and the event QQ group in time to obtain the specific time of the event and event guidance materials.

3. Participants and requirements

This competition is open to current students (including vocational, undergraduate, master and doctoral students, etc.) in Chinese and domestic and foreign institutions of higher learning. Specific requirements are as follows:

(1) There is no limit to the majors of the participants;

(2) Individuals can participate or form teams freely. The maximum number of each participating team is no more than 3. Cross-grade and cross-professional teams within the school are allowed;

(3) The participating team members must be registered students in colleges and universities, and the registration must ensure that the personal information is accurate and valid;

(4) Each participating team must have an instructor, and the instructor must be an official employee of the university to which the participating team belongs;

(5) Contestants are allowed to submit codes up to 5 times on the evaluation platform, and the final score is based on the best score among multiple submissions. In principle, only instructors can submit registration applications, code submissions and team management, and team members cannot perform related operations.


4. Reward Description

(1)The top 10 teams in the finals can get the opportunity to enter the interview without written test for Baidu Campus Recruitment; 

(2)The top 30 teams in the finals will be eligible for Baidu Campus Recruitment quotas;

(3)The teams entering the finals will have the opportunity to join the Apollo open source project team;

(4)Other rewards will be announced continuously.


5. Other instructions 

(1)Contact phone number: 18518415551

(2)Competition QQ group: 573397794

(3) The competition rules and relevant information of the competition will be announced in the QQ group.


For more details of the event, scan the code to enter the event QQ group

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