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In order to guide and inspire young students to carry forward the spirit of innovation, build a good platform for scientific and technological innovation competitions, help the development of artificial intelligence and robotics industries, promote the construction of a new economic industrial system of “artificial intelligence +” and “robot +”, and actively promote the majority of students to participate in the scientific and technological innovation practice of robot and artificial intelligence, improve the level of teamwork and cultivate the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship. With the approval of CAAI, the Organizing Committee of the China Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Competition has decided to hold the 24th China Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Competition in order to innovate the practice of artificial intelligence technology, improve the level of teamwork, and cultivate the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship. Through the competition, a group of scientific and technological elites who love innovation, have hands-on skills, be cooperative and work hard are cultivated. Due to the need for epidemic prevention and control, the relevant matters are hereby notified as follows:


1. Organizational Structure

Main Organizer:


Cixi Municipal People’s Government



CAAI Robot Culture and Art Committee

Cixi Digital Economy Association

Hangzhou Bay (Cixing) Intelligent Industrial Park

Department of Computing, Harbin Institute of Technology



Ningbo University School of Science and Technology

Leju (Shenzhen) Robot Technology Co., Ltd.

Ningbo Cixing Co., Ltd.


2. Competition time arrangement

(1) The competition registration system is open on: March-May 2022;

(2) Completion time of provincial competition, regional competition and national preliminary competition: the end of June 2022;

(3) National finals time: late July 2022;

Note: the competition format (online or offline) will be decided due to the situation of epidemic prevention and control

3. Concurrent activities

Published excellent cases of robotics and artificial intelligence education and teaching in China

Held a technical analysis meeting of the China Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Competition

Held a meeting of the Robot Culture and Art Professional Committee of CAAI

4. Objects and themes of the competition


General higher education group: graduate students, undergraduate students;

Vocational Education Group: Secondary Vocational, Higher Vocational (Higher College), Vocational Undergraduate.


Competition theme:

(1) Innovation category

Robot innovation competition, artificial intelligence innovation competition, intelligent cultural creativity competition, industrial hotspot empowerment (smart home appliance direction) competition, intelligent manufacturing digital twin innovation competition.


(2) Application category

Humanoid Robot All-round Competition, Autonomous Driving Virtual Simulation Competition (Special Competition), Humanoid Robot Fully Autonomous Challenge, All-Terrain Car Design and Production Competition, Intelligent Driving, Smart Car F1 Challenge, Elderly Service Robot Competition, Smart Home Service, Small Robot Application Scenario Competition, Intelligent Sorting Challenge.


(3) Competitive category

Unmanned Vehicle Smart Challenge (Autonomous Cruise, Target Shooting), Deep Learning Smart Vehicle, Multi-legged Alien Group Dance, Outdoor Unmanned Vehicle Competition, iLoboke Soccer Robot (3VS3), Smart Agriculture Competition, Bionic Robot Competition, Wheeled Soccer Robot Simulation Competition, Micro-UAV Autonomous Flight Competition.


5. Competition method

The competition is divided into school competitions, regional trials (provincial competitions), and national finals.

6. Registration and competition arrangement

Registration submission materials

1. Enter the registration system and submit the registration materials:

Website: https://www.caairobot.com.

2. Please check all the information carefully when submitting. After the registration system is closed, the exported information will be used as the final competition information, and information changes will no longer be accepted.

3. Please pay attention to the competition WeChat public account "CRAIC" to obtain the latest news of the competition such as the contact information of the competition area, competition rules and so on.

Note: Each team can apply for 1-3 applicants and 1-2 instructors.

The number of teams from each school (including different secondary colleges, excluding branch schools) participating in the same competition item cannot exceed 10 in provincial competitions and 3 in national competitions.

7. Awards setting

First prize, second prize, third prize;

Outstanding Instructor Award;

Outstanding Organization Award.

8. Organizational work

The Organizing Committee of the China Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Competition is responsible for the national competition; the Regional Selection (Provincial) Organizing Committee is responsible for the regional selection (provincial) competition; the School Competition Working Committee is responsible for the school competition. Regional trials (provincial competitions) or national preliminary competitions must have competition notices and competition plans reported to the National Competition Organizing Committee.

9. Contact information

Contest Organizing Committee Contact: Tan Qingji

Tel: 15146409277

Contest Organizing Committee Email: craaic@126.com


10. Further Information

The Organizing Committee of this event is authorized to handle all affairs related to this event.

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