• 2022-05-29 Sunday

Delegates and relevant units:

Recently, the epidemic situation has recurrent in many places in China, and the risk of epidemic transmission has increased. In order to ensure the safety of the representatives attending the summit, the Organizing Committee of the summit decided to postpone the "2022 11th China Intelligent Industry Summit" originally scheduled to be held in Xiamen from April 29 to 30. The specific time and place will be notified separately.

The conference affairs team will properly handle the relevant changes in accordance with the relevant regulations of the society and the financial management process. Sorry for the inconvenience caused to the delegates and relevant units due to the postponement of the summit.

Thanks again to the delegates and relevant units for your long-term support and help to CAAI!


Ms Jia : 010-82686686

 2022 CIIS Organizing Committee

April 6th 2022

Chinese Association for Artificial Intelligence

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