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The third lecture of "deep learning theory and application series online forum" hosted by CAAI  and hosted by CAAI Deep Learning Special Committee will be delivered online on February 16, 2022. The series of forums invite front-line researchers from domestic universities and research institutes to give lectures, covering in-depth learning, complex systems, swarm intelligence and intensive learning, and bring all-round communication and sharing under the background of the global anti epidemic era.

Report title

Core structure design and learning optimization of ADRC: Theory and Application

Report summary

It is easy to reduce the uncertainty of the controlled object into a new type of "internal and external estimation" controller, which is easy to eliminate the uncertainty of the controlled object in the general control framework. This report will introduce the core structure design of ADRC - constructing an extended state observer with data-driven mechanism to obtain the information of "total disturbance" in real time, and further give the common design methods and explain that the corresponding closed-loop system has good transient performance. In addition, the recent research work on the parameter learning, optimization and adjustment algorithm of ADRC is introduced. Finally, the practical application of ADRC in typical motion control systems such as aircraft is reported.

Report guest

Xue Wenchao

Associate researcher and doctoral supervisor, Academy of mathematics and Systems Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences

He received a bachelor's degree from Nankai University in 2007 and a doctor's degree from the Institute of mathematics and Systems Sciences of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2012. The research fields mainly include intelligent control and filtering of nonlinear uncertain systems, distributed estimation, aircraft system control and so on. The proposed algorithm has been applied to the key control links of important aircraft such as thrust vectoring aircraft in China.

Presided over the excellent youth fund project of the national foundation of the people's Republic of China, the national innovation special zone project of the Military Commission, the 863 project, etc. He was selected as a member of the youth talent promotion project of China Association for science and Technology (special field) and the youth innovation promotion association of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. At present, he is the editorial board member of IFAC Journal of control engineering practice, system science and mathematics and other magazines; He served as the director of China simulation society and Deputy Secretary General of the special committee of control theory of China automation society. Won the paper award of China control conference, IEEE ddcls and other international conferences. Won the first prize of 2020 military science and Technology Award (ranking second).

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